Ck One Platinum, the new edition of Calvin Klein

Ck One Platinum, the new edition of Calvin Klein
Ck One Platinum, the new edition of Calvin Klein

If the haute couture collections of Calvin Klein made the reputation of the German couturier throughout the world in the 70s, in France, it was not until 1991 and a partnership with Coty to discover Calvin Klein perfumes .

So we discovered almost at the same time the sensual and sulphurous beauties of Obsession and Obsession For Men as well as the purities of the notes of Eternity or Eternity For Men. But the great upheaval proposed by Calvin Klein in 1995 with CK One will propel the young perfume house to the firmament.
From then on CK One will be the star that we will hasten to decline in still beautiful bottles or to modernize year after year as with this CK One Platinum of 2018.

CK One Platinum Edition or absolute modernity according to Calvin Klein

When CK One arrived on the perfume market, it had the effect of a small revolution. Because in addition to its very refined composition in relation to the perfumes of the 80s and 90s, CK One will offer something that the other bottles did not offer: the mix. Because CK One wants above all to be shared, between a man and a woman, between a woman and a woman or between friends of the same group like those which will appear on the visual of CK One.

“There is then clearly a fusion of genres. Boys and girls wear the same clothes. […] We travel more in groups than in pairs. Ck One celebrates this movement, ”says Anne Gottlieb for Calvin Klein.
CK One will therefore highlight a community of trendy and sexy young people who do not hesitate to lend each other their favorite perfume because it is so easy to wear. In reality CK One will “lend itself” so much that it will be one of the biggest successes in perfumery of the 90s.

So when CK One offers us a new bottle in 2018 , CK One Platinum, the expectations are high and the cravings are high for both men and women. CK One Platinum will not disappoint anyone and will come to launch us its ultra modern metallic accords to better captivate us with its burning charms.

Hot and cold new for a CK One Platinum bottle that is still so explosive

When we know that it was the perfumer Pierre Négrin who had already composed CK One Summer and its mojito accords in 2018, we can expect to find in his joint composition with Ilias Ermenedis for CK One Platinum beautiful original notes and unpublished! Indeed CK One Platinum will not miss it …

Thus it will open with an intense hot cold accord between fruity notes of Granny Smith and spicy cardamom. Some aldehydes will offer their metallic forces to this crazy departure. However, at the heart the same originality will be reproduced this time between a very fresh pink berry-lavender accord and a note of burning cinnamon.

However, the depths of vetiver, amber and cashmere wood seem to fall in love with intense heat.

As for the precious, clean and ecological bottle designated for CK One in 1995, it will of course be kept for CK One Platinum. However, the frosted transparent glass will logically give way to metallic colors in order to match this beautiful CK One Platinum to the 205W39NYC Calvin Klein haute couture collection.

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