CK Everyone by Calvin Klein, the scent of provocation

CK Everyone by Calvin Klein, the scent of provocation
CK Everyone by Calvin Klein, the scent of provocation
CK Everyone by Calvin Klein, the scent of provocation

Calvin Klein’s CK Everyone: Provocative New Freshness for Men and Women

It was while observing his children that Calvin Klein had the idea of ​​designing a unisex perfume. Indeed, he was literally captivated by their exchanges made of simplicity and their authenticity. Thus, he decided to advocate the exchange of genres and this is how the CK One perfume was created in 1994. Today, it is the most famous perfume reference of the brand. Year after year, Calvin Klein takes pleasure in reinterpreting its fragrance. 2020 is not to be outdone: get ready to welcome the new CK Everyone, a fresh and luminous fragrance intended for both men and women. Also note that Calvin Klein offers itself a little novelty, and not the least: it is a particularly respectful fragrance for the planet!

Calvin Klein is part of an environmentally friendly approach

First of all, know that the design of the CK Everyone perfume has been completely redesigned to meet new environmental standards. The goal? Be more respectful of the planet and preserve our environment. Thus, it is a totally vegan fragrance. The alcohol used in its manufacture is of natural origin, as are all of its ingredients. Its main fragrant raw material, orange oil, comes from organic cultures. Its glass bottle is completely recyclable. Calvin Klein thus offers itself its first “clean perfume”.

CK Everyone, a luminous essence

CK Everyone by Calvin Klein offers us a wonderful chiaroscuro game by integrating very fresh citrus notes here, associated with more woody and animal touches. Overall, CK Everyone gives off an impression of luminosity, purity and power. At first, the orange gives it a fruity and juicy scent. Slightly bitter, its smell is reminiscent of fresh lemon. Then, green tea makes its appearance. Little by little, he brings us to a more powerful and charismatic register. At its base, CK Everyone ends with a blend of musk and cedar, for a more sulphurous and seductive finish.

CK Everyone, a fragrance synonymous with sharing

As usual, CK Everyone comes in a very simple, modern and refined bottle. Its shape evokes that of a water bottle. Moreover, its screw cap only amplifies this effect. Its transparent glass lets light pass through its limpid juice. An elastic band simply surrounds this container. Bearing the brand name and a red line, it recalls the elastics of classic Calvin Klein underwear.
With such a design, CK Everyone is clearly aimed at both men and women. This fragrance of sharing advocates generosity and authenticity. It is above all a social fragrance, conveying a strong message. After all, why should scent have to be gendered? Behind its apparent simplicity, CK Everyone actually hides a puzzling nonconformism!

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