Chanel perfume Cristalle Eau Verte

Chanel perfume Cristalle Eau Verte
Chanel perfume Cristalle Eau Verte
Chanel perfume Cristalle Eau Verte

Cristalle Eau Verte by Chanel, the freshness of the great outdoors

In 2009, Chanel offered Cristalle Eau Verte. This one is the reflection of its elder, created in 1974. This water with luminous freshness had been imagined by the perfumer Henri Robert and revealed a subtle honeysuckle accord. Also, this reinterpretation is the fruit of the work of perfumer Jacques Polge.

He then wanted to revisit Cristalle’s idea of ​​freshness, with a contemporary and greener olfactory vision. Cristalle Eau Verte is an ideal perfume for those who do not like too heady perfumes. With its scents of lemon and orange blossom, it immerses us in the oriental countries, in the heart of the hammam.

Chanel creates a verdant fragrance with its Eau Verte

Cristalle is a star fragrance from the house of Chanel. What is more, it is quite a symbol since it is the first creation launched by the brand after the disappearance of Coco Chanel, known as Mademoiselle. Also, in 2009, Jacques Polge, the nose of the house, decided to revisit this timeless nectar.

He also chooses to multiply the facets of the original fragrance while bringing it a contemporary freshness. Thus, Cristalle Eau Verte is mainly composed of a magnolia accord. It is then a delicate and fragile flower, with a delicious, jasmine and lemony scent.

In addition, as if to increase the femininity of this essence, Chanel has chosen to combine this ingredient with jasmine. Then, neroli and citrus notes appear. Thus, the airy aspect of Cristalle Eau Verte is only increased tenfold. This is a particularly invigorating and energizing essence. In addition, white flowers, associated with Sicilian lemon and bergamot, are also present and give this fragrance a breath of freedom. The result could not be more green. It is a nectar made to illuminate your daily life and similar to the rays of the sun reflecting on a fine summer rain.

Cristalle Eau Verte takes off

Chanel - Cristalle Eau Verte
Chanel – Cristalle Eau Verte

Cristalle had already been revisited for the first time. Indeed, the house of Chanel had created an Eau de Parfum in 1993. This had been done at the request of customers who then wished to have a perfume with a longer hold. Also, this revisit effectively responded to this problem but remained careful to respect the different olfactory facets of the first part.

The soul of Cristalle the original was there and very recognizable. Also, the essence of 2009 is quite different. She is much more irreverent and daring. Jacques Polge has decided to free himself from any hindrance linked to the past in his creative process. Also, despite its name, this water is not green in the true sense of the word. It is rather an idea that we have when we imagine the greenery.

It gives off a feeling of freedom and gives us a glimpse of large spaces. It is a deceptively relaxed fragrance, both refined and elegant while keeping its raw and spontaneous soul. Cristalle Eau Verte seems freer than ever, and her personality becomes deeper and more feminine.

Cristalle Eau Verte, the purity of Chanel perfumes

Cristalle Eau Verte is a fragrance that is directly inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s taste for outdoor living. In this sense, it displays a feminine, natural and sophisticated allure. Its name is sufficient on its own to evoke the transparency and purity of its juice.

Cristalle Eau Verte, crystal clear water

Cristalle Eau Verte seems to draw its vitality directly from a pure source. It is a charming scent, all releasing the radiance of the living force of water. However, unlike a classic fresh eau, it displays an enveloping and exemplary hold. Cristalle Eau Verte is a fragrance symbolizing spontaneity and youth. Also, this juice is a re-adaptation of the famous Cristalle from 1974, Chanel’s first perfume to have succeeded Mademoiselle’s death. It is then in the image of the designer, sparkling, unpredictable and whimsical without lacking in refinement. He symbolizes the part of his being that is 20 years old every day.

A very fresh fragrance signed Chanel

Cristalle Eau Verte blossoms around a honeysuckle accord. In this case, it is this ingredient that gives the whole its sustained freshness. What is more, this liveliness is here increased by the addition of citrus fruits. In addition, her femininity is omnipresent and has its source in the magnolia flower and jasmine. Finally, its charm continues into a woody and musky trail. Everything is then contained in the famous glass column emblematic of this scented collection.

CRISTALLE EAU VERTE, a concentrated eau de toilette that reveals a Magnolia accord, dazzling and delicate, whose Lemon-Jasmine petals bloom in a garden with aromatic scents.

Women’s Perfumes

Olfactory family: Floral – Green

Head note: Lemon, Bergamot.

Note de cœur : Magnolia, Jasmin, Néroli.

Note de fond : Fleurs Blanches Abstraites.

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