CHANEL Le Teint Sublimage

CHANEL Le Teint Sublimage
CHANEL Le Teint Sublimage
CHANEL Le Teint Sublimage

Sublimage Fond de Teint Foundation, the new beauty ally created by Chanel

Chanel is for many synonymous with beauty and refinement. This prestigious brand plunges us into a world of refined, particularly luxurious intimates and at the heart of which the pleasure of the senses is omnipresent. Thus, Chanel takes care to provide its customers with ever more personalized care. They help take care of you day after day and reveal your natural beauty while making you more radiant with each use.

Thus, Chanel is currently offering a brand new product: Sublimage Fond de Teint Foundation. This is anchored in a collection of prestige and already promises to make your face a real porcelain complexion.

The Sublimage range from Chanel

Sublimage is a collection of beauty products with ultimate regenerative power. To do this, the latter contains a prestigious ingredient: panifolia vanilla. This is used here in its purest version in order to develop treatments with an intense regenerative power.

To do this, Chanel appropriates it on the island of Madagascar, one of the richest biodiversity reserves in the world. It is on this preserved land that the scientists at Chanel found the key to their new anti-aging range. They discovered there vanilla panifolia, a legendary plant endowed with extraordinary virtues.

Thus, Sublimage eye cream allows dark circles to be immediately reduced. Likewise, its cream contains no less than 12 regenerating actions. Also, in this line, the new Sublimage Fond de Teint Foundation intends to revolutionize your beauty ritual while taking care of your skin in depth.

The virtues of the new Sublimage Fond de Teint Foundation

Chanel Sublimage Fond de Teint Foundation has a creamy texture for easy application. What’s more, it’s a two-in-one product combined with a daily moisturizer. This provides your skin with optimal hydration for twelve hours in a row. Thus, your epidermis will be instantly refreshed, dazzling from the outside and nourished from the inside.

In order to achieve such results, the Sublimage Fond de Teint Foundation from Chanel combines illuminating diamond powder and vanilla water in its formula. What’s more, Chanel has made sure to capture the molecules of vanilla at the very moment when the life cycle of this plant is most favorable. Thus, the Fond de Teint Sublimage Foundation gives new life to your skin. It improves its firmness, hydration and renewal while ensuring the uniformity of your complexion.

What’s more, it forms a kind of protective layer on the surface of your face, keeping moisture in your epidermis while protecting it from external aggressions. Finally, the soft focus pigments incorporated into its composition help immediately blur imperfections on your skin, minimizing the appearance of pores and softening any fine lines.

Everything is delivered to you in a luxurious glass jar and comes with a custom-made brush, specially designed to facilitate its use.

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