CHANEL Eyebrow Gel the new make-up

CHANEL Eyebrow Gel the new make-up
CHANEL Eyebrow Gel the new make-up
CHANEL Eyebrow Gel the new make-up

Chanel Eyebrow Gel, the secret of an intense gaze

Make-up is more than just a staple in the bathroom in the morning. It is an art in its own right and requires the mastery of a few precise gestures to be successful. In addition, to intensify his gaze, only eye makeup itself is not enough. It is also essential to take care of your eyebrows. However, to obtain a perfect arc, that requires a minimum of control.

To make things easier for you, Chanel has just made an all-in-one Eyebrow Gel. This will allow you to densify, discipline and texture your eyebrows in one and the same gesture. It is a real time saver for women in a hurry today and is a revolution in the make-up department! So what is this new product all about? Follow us, we’ll tell you everything!

The triple action of Long-lasting Fiaxant Eyebrow Gel

Chanel Eyebrow Gel combines several properties in a single tube. On the one hand, its small conical brush resembling a mascara brush allows easy and precise application of its gel. What’s more, it allows you to style the eyebrow while depositing its texture. Thus, your eyes will only be better drawn. Likewise, the gel formula of this product helps to thicken eyebrow hairs. Indeed, the Eyebrow Gel contains fibers which attach themselves to your natural hairs and which give them more density.

Their long-lasting fixation will allow you to obtain a particularly convincing result throughout the day. On the other hand, the Eyebrow Gel is carefully designed to never create a cardboard effect. Chanel’s Eyebrow Gel is then available in three different shades to adapt to all types of hair. It is available in blond, brown or in a transparent version.

The composition of Chanel Eyebrow Gel

So what exactly does this little miracle product consist of? In reality, the Eyebrow Gel is based on a fluid texture formed from gelled water. This is very easy to apply and at the same time provides a real sensation of freshness, which is very pleasant on a daily basis. The whole is enriched with fibers that densify the eyebrows. Polymers, for their part, fix the product on the eyebrows without ever creating material effects. Thus, the result always remains very natural.

What method of application?

Applying Chanel Eyebrow Gel is child’s play . Its brush is ideally designed to deliver the right amount of product to your eyebrows. Then all you have to do is brush your eyebrows upwards to tame them, up to three-quarters of their length. For the outer tip of your eyebrows, brush down instead, using the end of the brush for more detail. Do not hesitate to complete your application by using the eyebrow pencil from Chanel. This will allow you to obtain a more intense color rendering.

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