CHANEL – Chance Eau Vive

CHANEL – Chance Eau Vive
CHANEL - Chance Eau Vive
CHANEL – Chance Eau Vive

Chance Eau Vive, Chanel’s new lucky charm

Because the destiny of the house of Chanel seems strewn with stars, the brand has decided to share part of its secret with us. Where does such success come from? Certainly with a strong dose of daring, unparalleled know-how but also a little Luck… It is therefore to the latter that Chanel decided to pay homage in a perfume, in 2002. Afterwards Following the success of its chypre and floral flavor, Chanel chose to reinterpret it in 2015. This is how Chanel Chance Eau Vive essence was born.

Gabrielle Chanel and her faith in luck

Don’t we say that luck favors the daring? Indeed, if it always arises where we do not expect it, we must nevertheless prepare to seize it. Drama, love at first sight, … No matter how it appears, luck draws us into a perpetual and inexhaustible movement that can give rise to the most beautiful surprises.

What’s more, between Chanel and luck, it seems to be a long story. On the one hand, have you noticed how similar these two names are? Gabrielle Chanel has always believed in luck. Moreover, she did not hesitate to say: “Luck is my soul”. This is how the designer kept a multitude of lucky charms with her. Ears of wheat, four-leaf clover, horseshoe, Gabrielle Chanel had all kinds of charms.

Well aware, however, that luck is something that provokes itself, she then managed to make it into something incredible. Thus, if Gabrielle Chanel is one of the most famous personalities of the last century, the brand intends to make Chance Eau Vive perfume one of the most popular juices of our time. This one is ideally designed to arouse desire. Not devoid of a touch of eroticism, Chance Eau Vive is very feminine, somewhat insolent and even unreasonable.

The new freshness of Chance Eau Vive

As the name of this new perfume suggests, Chance Eau Vive remains very inspired by its predecessor dating from 2002. The latter has simply chosen to add a luminous part and a slight bitterness in its base composition.

This name full of poetry, associated with an advertising campaign full of life, hides a juice that is both delicate and energizing. This one is instantly refreshing. Its first scents combine the bitterness of grapefruit with the juicy transparency of blood orange. Thus, Chance Eau Vive appears to be a sweet juice without falling into the “syrup” effect. Then, its citrus flavor gives way to a solar heart enriched with jasmine. This is quickly relayed by a mattress of white musk. The whole thing leaves behind a clean and silky wave.

Chance Eau Vive is immediately comparable to the image of a well-groomed and refined young woman. This perfume is available in versions of 50 and 100 ml. As always, it is presented in the iconic Chance de Chanel bottle, imagined by designer Jacques Helleu.

Chanel launches a new fragrance for this summer, let Luck be at the heart of your life

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New fragrance from the Chance collection, which began with the Chance fragrance launched in 2003 and then declined in several versions Chance Eau fraîche 2007 & Chance Eau Tendre in 2010. The collection has been modernized this year with a new bottle and new sizes (35 ml).

Chance Eau Vive – The new lucky fragrance

Chance Eau Vive is an original creation by perfumer Olivier Polge. A sparkling floral fragrance, it opens with a zesty accord of grapefruit and blood orange. Jasmine is at the heart of this new fragrance. The base is woody with an accord combining the floral notes of Iris and the strength of Cedar.

Olfactory Family: Floral – Citrus

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Blood Orange
Heart Notes : Jasmine
Base Notes: Cedar, Iris, White Musk, Vetiver

The Chance Collection

Chance Eau de Parfum

Unexpectedly balanced fragrance that will surprise you as when luck invites itself into your life. Fragrance with mysterious alchemy with notes of Rose Bay associated with Lemon for a sparkling opening and at the same time bewitching. Its heart is intensely flowery thanks to the notes of Exotic Jasmine Absolute combined with the strength of Iris and warmed by Vanilla. The base is a subtle combination of amber, patchouli, vetiver and white musk which brings intensity and balance to the fragrance.

Olfactory Family: Chypré – Fleuri

Chance Eau Fraîche

Chance Eau Fraiche fragrance débordante de fraîcheur au jus vert pétillant et bondissant comme une pluie de bonheur.Elle s’articule autour des notes de cèdre et de Jacinthe d’Eau mélangé au notes de Jasmin le fond forme un accord chypré à base de Bois de Teck, Vétiver, Patchouli Ambré et Musc Blanc.

Famille Olfactive : Chypré – Floral

Chance Eau Tendre

Chance Eau Tendre tourbillon délicat & délicieux qui vous apporte le frisson et la tendresse que la chance vous apporte lorsqu’elle apparait dans votre vie. Parfum au notes de Pamplemousse associé au coing ou se mêle des notes d’absolu de Jasmin & Iris combiné au notes de Jacinthe réchauffées par des musc blanc, d’ambre, et des bois de Cèdre.

Famille Olfactive : Floral – Fruité

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