Cerruti – 1881 Sport

Cerruti – 1881 Sport
Cerruti - 1881 Sport
Cerruti – 1881 Sport

The virility of the new Cerruti 1881 Sport

The news has just fallen, the house of Cerruti should soon release a new fragrance. Thus, the launch of Cerruti 1881 Sport is scheduled for March 2016. Similarly, Cerruti has already revealed the face of this new opus by announcing its collaboration with the famous model Andrés Velencoso. Some pictures have already filtered. They display an athletic man with a disarming charm of naturalness. Also, this is precisely what will be discussed with the new Cerruti 1881 Sport: virility, authenticity and above all a deep dynamism.

The story of Cerruti’s 1881 perfume

When Nino Cerruti imagined the 1881 perfume in 1990, he said: “’I wanted the raw freshness of the water that springs from the rock. “. Also, its smell was intended to be particularly invigorating. Moreover, the name that was chosen for this first perfume was actually a tribute to the date of creation of the brand. Moreover, at that time, it was then only a modest fabric house in the Italian Piedmont. The idea was to let the whole soul of Cerruti shine through this essence. 1881 is therefore described as being a perfect olfactory incarnation of the Cerruti man. It seems designed to evolve in a contemporary world while preserving its historical heritage. He is manly without having to show it, both elegant and charismatic. Its first version was imagined by perfumer Martin Gras. It was then a citrus fern. His scent instantly pleased the male sex, who immediately ranked it among the house’s bestsellers. Also, like every great self-respecting perfume, Cerruti 1881 had the pleasure of being revisited many times. The new Cerruti 1881 Sport is therefore anchored in this line of exceptional essences.

The new Cerruti 1881 Sport

Like its predecessor, the Cerruti 1881 Sport perfume will display great liveliness. Likewise, its smell will be fairly classic and will be essentially based on a fern accord. It must be said that this one is truly typical of men’s perfumes. Also, Cerruti 1881 Sport will take off on a scent of bergamot, a citrus fruit from the cross between lemon and sour orange. This ingredient is particularly known for giving off a zesty, tangy and sparkling odor. Then, Cerruti 1881 Sport will evolve towards a more aromatic freshness based mainly on lavender. Nevertheless, this plant will be enhanced with a spicy, camphoric and anise aspect from cardamom. Finally, Cerruti 1881 Sport will display a more woody base, notably full of cedar and vetiver. So, it will release a particularly deep and very seductive trail. Its bottle, meanwhile, will remind us of that of its elders. All in transparency and modernity, it will combine sandblasted glass with more polished faces. Everything will then be embellished with a very masculine matte black cap. Finally, an engraving will inscribe the year 1881 on the surface of this new case.

Cerruti 1881 is a decidedly Italian and very masculine fragrance. It perfectly combines freshness, sensuality and refinement. What is more, its history is beautiful since it is a tribute made by Nino Cerruti to his grandfather, the creator of the brand. Indeed, 1881 refers to the date of creation of the Cerruti fabric house in Italian Piedmont. Also, Cerruti has just announced the release of a new variation of its scent. The Cerruti 1881 Sport perfume should therefore see the light of day within a few weeks, during the month of March 2016.

The new Cerruti 1881 Sport

The new Cerruti 1881 Sport fragranceis heralded as a very invigorating and masculine limited edition of its predecessor. It adopts a classic structure but no less effective. Its smell starts with the freshness of bergamot. This citrus fruit displays a tangy and sparkling scent that is as floral as it is delicate. Then, the whole evolves towards the freshly aromatic scent of lavender associated with the more spicy and camphoric aspect of cardamom. Finally, Cerruti 1881 Sport displays a deeper and woody trail. Cedar gives off its dry, green and resinous scent while vetiver brings its smokier and earthier appearance. On the bottle side, Cerruti 1881 Sport once again displays a profound modernity. Its case is bevelled and reflects light. Thus, it immediately exudes a feeling of vitality and freshness. Its brilliance is then reflected through the contrast between its sandblasted glass and its polished glass. The whole is enhanced with a very contemporary matte black cap and embellished with the emblematic 1881 engraved signature.

Cerruti’s face

Cerruti and Coty have barely revealed the name of this new essence that the face of the new muse of the brand has already filtered. In this case, it is the Spanish model Andres Valencoso who will lend his image to the Cerruti 1881 Sport gasoline. For the occasion, it was immortalized by photographer Richard Phibbs. The ad campaign for the perfume shows him as a businessman heading to the gym barely out of the office. The rendering is very elegant. The beautiful strand displays a disarming charm of naturalness. “While Cerruti 1881 is preparing to write a new page in its history, the arrival of Andrés Velencoso perfectly illustrates the dynamism and constant reinvention of our range of fragrances, ”said Jason Basmajian, the new artistic director of Cerruti, who arrived last October. Likewise, Andres Valencoso declared: ““ I am extremely honored to be part of the Cerruti family and to embody the new fragrance of this House, whose elegance I particularly appreciate.

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