Cartier unveils a new vibrant frangrance, Pasha Le Parfum

Cartier unveils a new vibrant frangrance, Pasha Le Parfum
Cartier unveils a new vibrant frangrance, Pasha Le Parfum

Pasha, Cartier’s famous perfume, modernized for today’s men

Some perfumes are long-lasting and have an extraordinary longevity. However, nothing prevents them from modernizing over the decades, to attract new generations of men and women. This is precisely what Cartier has decided to do.with its Pasha fragrance. Originally designed in 1992, this essence was inspired by a watch created a few years earlier, in 1985. Since its release, Pasha has already been transformed several times, becoming a Noire edition (a greener citrus-based fern. , amber and cedar), or a Black Sport edition (fresher and navy). Even today, in February 2020, history repeats itself. The very first version of Pasha de Cartier comes back to life under the expert hands of Mathilde Laurent, Cartier’s exclusive perfumer. So what about the new edition of this legendary fragrance?

The return of a cult Cartier bottle

The new edition of the Pasha de Cartier perfume displays a very refined style. The brand has paid particular attention to the design of its bottle. Its glass bottle comes in a red and blue cardboard box, emblematic colors of the brand. In reality, this deep blue color is reminiscent of sapphire, very often used by Cartier. Here, he sits proudly on top of his hood. Other elements, such as its collar, are inspired by the world of Cartier jewelry. Here it is reminiscent of the famous Trinity ring. Tars further refine its design, while a honey-colored juice floods its cylinder with light.

Pasha de Cartier perfume offers a more modern and intense scent

In this edition, the Pasha de Cartier perfume is more powerful and sophisticated than before. Bold at will, it releases greater depth, while displaying additional tenacity, which is not to displease us. Here, this contemporary fern features important woody and amber undertones, such as patchouli, sandalwood, balsam fir, benzoin, and labdanum. The aromatic base of the first Pasha de Cartier has been preserved, while being enriched with new raw materials including some of the best ingredients from around the world. Here, Cartier signs a new authentic and unforgettable creation. It is a “daring, brilliant and sophisticated fragrance that leaves no one indifferent, just as its owner never goes unnoticed”.

Who is the man who wears the Pasha de Cartier perfume?

As the name of this perfume indicates, it is about evoking a remarkable and powerful man. Originally, the pasha qualifies a rich oriental man, and appreciating the luxury and the ultimate refinement. The Pasha de Cartier perfume is in his image and makes the wearer a gentleman with striking charisma. The man who wears this composition is both distinguished and very charismatic. Everything seems to succeed to him, so much so that he is a reference in terms of style and elegance. It only seemed to lack a perfume in his image to magnify his natural phlegm. It is now done!

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