The Only One a set of the new perfume Dolce Gabanna

The Only One a set of the new perfume Dolce Gabanna
The Only One a set of the new perfume Dolce Gabanna
The Only One a set of the new perfume Dolce Gabanna

The Italian-inspired set of The Only One by Dolce & Gabanna

The Only One by Dolce & Gabanna has barely seen the light of day than it is already on everyone’s lips! Like its predecessor, the iconic The One , it is intended for a powerful and charismatic woman, endowed with a natural aura and an extraordinary sensuality. However, with the end of the year celebrations fast approaching, he has already decided to get on his 31st! The Only One reveals all its splendor to us in an original box, enough to enrich the underside of your tree with an exceptional gift.

The Only One, the perfume of a sophisticated woman

The Only One by Dolce & Gabanna gives us the portrait of a woman adored by all, a sort of modern day diva. He seems to possess absolute femininity and natural class. With him, it’s all about sophistication. The one wearing The Only One perfume is totally mesmerizing, making men’s heads turn with a simple flick of their eyelashes! On screen, Dolce & Gabanna’s wife The Only One is played by Emilia Clarke, a world-famous actress since her role as Daenerys Targaryen in the Game Of Thrones series. Here, Emilia Clarke takes us to an Italian trattoria. The Only One is a concentrate of seduction with a Mediterranean flavor!

The Only One, a duo of coffee and violet

Of course, The Only One’s new box sets the spotlight on the already cult scent of this new fragrance. The signature of this fragrance is based on an unexpected encounter between a powdery flavor of violet and a much more lively and incisive coffee. Violet makes its appearance from the top notes of The Only One. Here it is associated with fresher and juicier bergamot. Its heart, meanwhile, blends the black intensity of coffee with the natural nobility of iris. Finally, the base of The Only One gradually becomes warmer, mixing vanilla and patchouli in a comforting and opulent trail.

The Dolce & Gabanna box set

For the occasion, The Only One perfume is presented in a brand new box . This takes a fairly classic rectangular shape. It is decorated on its front with a golden plaque emblematic of the house of Dolce & Gabbana. The rest of its surface, meanwhile, is similar to a golden tapestry that one could for example find in a Venetian palace. The Italian atmosphere is everywhere. Inside, The Only One 50ml bottle comes with a smaller 10ml bag spray. So, from now on, your perfume The Only One by Dolce & Gabanna will never leave you!

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