Caron, the new Blush

Caron, the new Blush
Caron, the new Blush
Caron, the new Blush

Caron’s expertise in a Blush

When winter comes to the fore, all means are good to try not to look gloomy. This is why the cheek lighthouse has been on the rise for a long time. It gives a little tan look to your face and at the same time allows you to draw your pretty cheekbones. However, to obtain an optimal result, it is still necessary to choose the right Blush, opt for a quality product and above all know how to apply it. In this sense, Caron has developed a Blush endowed with all his expertise and matched to current trends.

The shades offered by Caron

The Blush Caron is ideally designed to awaken your complexion and structure your face while retaining its natural appearance and transparency. What’s more, it is available in different shades to vary according to your desires and to match your lipstick, your clothes, the seasons or your mood. This one is designed in different colors. The Beige Eclat turns out to be slightly iridescent and gives the cheeks a light spring breath.

Thus, it is perfectly anchored in the nude trend of the moment. Likewise, it also allows you to emphasize the brow bone or sculpt your face by playing on the shadows. The Rose Poudré, meanwhile, is more tender and endows the cheeks with a delicate veil similar to that present on the cheekbones of a porcelain doll.

For more sunshine, Caron has also opted for the development of an Orange Blush. This turns out to be very vitamin and bright. Healthy glow guaranteed! Finally, the Blush Corail is fresher and oceanic, as if you came back from a stroll on the particularly invigorating beach.

How to choose the right blush?

Of course, the use of a Blush is not intended to irritate the retina of those around you. To do this, avoid taking a color that is too far from your natural skin tone. Then apply your Blush using the brush provided by Caron in the shape of a half-moon.

This is ideally designed to release the right amount of material on your skin, by tapping lightly to remove the excess powder. In general, know that the more peachy colors go well with almost all skin types. Pink, on the other hand, goes very well to very light or very dark skin. Finally, golden shades should be avoided for very white skin or those suffering from imperfections. However, be aware that Caron Blush remains a product carefully studied to avoid mistakes in taste.

Its application is child’s play. You just need to pat your cheekbones up to the temples before blurring the amount of powder. Then repeat this operation according to the desired intensity. Your face will then be resplendent with beauty, making you a person who looks constantly happy, as if you have just returned from vacation.

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