Carat, the new perfume from Cartier

Carat, the new perfume from Cartier
Carat, the new perfume from Cartier
Carat, the new perfume from Cartier

Carat de Cartier, all the sparkle of bottled diamonds

Founded in 1847 in Paris, the Cartier house has survived the decades without ever losing any of its prestige. Edward VII said of this sign that it is “the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers”. However, Cartier does not stop there and does not content itself with elaborating sumptuous sets of jewelry. Cartier now also creates a wide range of perfumes . As if to echo its original universe, the brand has this time chosen to present us with a feminine fragrance called Carat, enough to bring all the splendor and brilliance of a bottled diamond.

Mathilde Laurent, creator of the Carat perfume

Since its launch in perfumery, the Cartier house has adopted the habit of calling on a single perfumer. Indeed, if some brands collaborate with various designers over the course of their various olfactory releases, Cartier has its exclusive nose. For several years, this position has been held by the talented Mathilde Laurent. A true benchmark in her field, the young woman has here echoed the past as a jeweler of Cartier. The result is a perfume designed like a jewel, the sole purpose of which is to sublimate your femininity.

Carat, a fresh and floral juice

Carat de Cartier is an essence that is directly inspired by precious stones. Mathilde Laurentlikes to say that, “in the same way that Cartier sublimates stones by letting light enter and dance, Carat is a perfume that radiates as much fire as a diamond”. To transcribe this idea, Mathilde Laurent worked around seven different flowers. Each of them echoes one of the colors of the rainbow. Carat contains in particular violet, lily, hyacinth, ylang-ylang, narcissus, honeysuckle and tulip. Its construction is not only simple but very refined, of extreme purity. The result is both accessible and abstract, while having a very airy transparency. Some green and watery fruits have also been added to the set, as well as musks for a more sensual finish.

When Carat shines in a vial of light

Cartier then only had to make a bottle worthy of all its elegance, and capable of appealing to a female audience. Here again, Carat is presented in a bottle halfway between luxury and simplicity. Its shape soars towards the sky in a sort of cylinder, the glass walls of which are worked like those of a precious stone. Its bevelled angles reflect the light and create a dazzling sparkle in its juice. The set is topped with a golden ring as a collar, on which the name of Cartier is finely engraved. A soft pink spray also comes to light the whole and affix on this sculpture a soft and warm femininity. Carat thus appears as a real gem in the feminine perfume department.

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