Cacharel Noa available with its new perfume set

Cacharel Noa available with its new perfume set
the last poetry of Cacharel;  Noa, available with its perfume box of Cacharel's latest poetry;  Noa, available with its perfume box
the last poetry of Cacharel; Noa, available with its perfume box

All of Noa’s poetry in a Cacharel box

Noa is a cult perfume from the house of Cacharel, which saw the light of day in 1998. It pays homage to the place of man in the universe. It seems straight from the sky and plunges us into a magical and very poetic world. In Noa’s eyes shines a little extra soul , unexpected strength and immense wisdom. Noa is a fragrance synonymous with peace and serenity. It encourages women who wear it to attach themselves to the essential values ​​of life. It floods everyday life with light and throws us with a simple breath far from the urban turmoil. Noa thus appears as a messenger of hope. Therefore, Cacharel decided to offer it to us in a new package for the holiday season. Focus on Noa de Cacharel’s original box set.

Noa’s floral poetry

Noa is a radiant and pure fragrance. It is flooded with light from its start to its base. Thus, it is uncovered from the bottom and rests on a cottony and enveloping bed of white musk. Its velvety appearance is also enhanced by a luminous flower: the white peony. Its assertive but candid scent is enveloped in milky and peppery aromas. A vegetal and crunchy breath crosses this fragrance. Cilantro is associated with an unexpected coffee bean. This ingredient tickles Noa’s recipe. The whole of this fragrance is also enriched with benzoin and incense.

Noa’s box

This time Noa reveals all her poetry to us in an elegant white box , a color synonymous with purity. The whole is decorated with a golden drawing representing the bottle of Noa. Inside, this box brings together the 50 ml spray of Noa combined with Cacharel’s body milk.

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