Blush Coco Code Harmony

Blush Coco Code Harmony
Blush Coco Code Harmony
Blush Coco Code Harmony

Chanel’s new inventive powders

Our thermometer displays temperatures far from those of spring and yet, Chanel has already announced what will be the colors of sunny days for 2017. The brand has just presented its brand new collection called Coco Codes, including the big star is none other than a palette of powders with very innovative colors called Harmonie de Blush. This new product intends to upset the codes of blush and sublimate your face with multiple shades.

The brilliance of the new limited edition of Chanel

The new Harmony palette of Blush Coco Codewill be a limited edition that will make its appearance to sublimate the first spring days of 2017. This palette of blushes will bring together four powders with ultra soft texture declined around the favorite shades of Gabrielle Chanel. Thus, Harmonie de Blush clearly aims to immerse us in the heritage of the house of Chanel while looking resolutely towards the future. Harmonie de Blush powders will thus appear in golden, brown, powdery pink or pinkish red nuances. The whole will then offer you multiple possibilities, allowing you to obtain rather mat or satin results, according to your desires. In addition, you can only let yourself be seduced by the particularly soft, fine and silky texture of these new blushes.

The secret of applying Harmonie de Blush powders

Several uses of this product are then possible. In addition, for a conventional blush result, you just need to mix the four shades present in this palette using the Chanel applicator brush and place the powder obtained on the top of your cheekbones. The two satin shades will allow you to illuminate your face. The caramel powder, the darkest of all, will on the other hand offer you the possibility of highlighting your best assets thanks to the contouring technique. Finally, know that it is quite possible for you to apply these shades separately, either with a brush or with a finger, above all by following your instincts.

The ambition of the new Coco Codes collection

If the Coco Codes collection was created, it is above all to pay tribute to Coco Chanel while reinventing the codes of classic femininity. This new make-up collection reinterprets the designer’s favorite colors and thus celebrates the brand’s history. This exceptional collection reveals a very daring way of applying make-up, infusing unexpected textures and daring effects into your daily life. Everything has been carefully crafted by Lucia Pica, here defying all conventional notions of beauty. “I want to reverse the expectations of beauty and make women challenge each other,” she says.

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