Balmain Homme, the fragrance for today’s gentlemen

Balmain Homme, the fragrance for today’s gentlemen
Balmain Homme, the fragrance for today's gentlemen
Balmain Homme, the fragrance for today’s gentlemen

Today, Balmain is a brand that is talked about a lot. In this case, the designer Olivier Rousteing can boast of having given it a new lease of life since he took over the controls of the latter in 2011. Balmain notably had the brilliant idea of ​​collaborating with the H&M brand, thus making luxury accessible to the greatest number through the provision of certain rooms for less. Also, in order to dress its most beautiful pieces of couture, the brand has this time decided to create a new masculine essence. This is how Balmain Homme was born in June 2015. In this case, it is a particularly sensual, contemporary and elegant fragrance .

The careful design of the new Balmain fragrance

Before talking about its scent, let’s take a look at the look of the bottle of the new Balmain perfume. Indeed, this one is very worked and is presented through a very hypnotic midnight blue glass. In addition, this case signed by designer Olivier Rousteing is displayed as being in total correspondence with the fashion look of the brand. In particular, it uses many elements of Balmain’s military jacket. Among these, we will obviously recognize the presence of its shoulder pads as well as its metallic plate. The cap, on the other hand, is designed in a very modern matte black texture. The latter is then surmounted by an eagle-shaped engraving, a symbol found on each button of the Balmain brand. If this bird is so dear to the heart of the house, it is quite simply because he fits perfectly with the image of the Balmain man. In short, it is a perfect alliance between strength and power. This man is then embodied by a very elegant duo of muses consisting in particular of Eniko Mihalik and Edward Wilding. These are then displayed in an advertising campaign directed by Koray Birand.

The complex scent of Balmain Homme

Regarding its scent itself, the Balmain Homme perfume was created by perfumer Olivier Pescheux.. He then imagined a very sensual and truly addictive woody oriental. It starts straight away with an intense freshness of bergamot. This resonates as being a real breath of fresh air in everyday life and displays a very stimulating aspect. However, this raw material is softened by the presence of macadamia nuts, a smooth, tenacious and delicious ingredient. Likewise, saffron is also present and adds a touch of lightly leathery spices. This element is particularly rare in perfumery given its price and its complexity. However, its honeyed side is nonetheless very appreciable. Then, Balmain Homme evolves towards more contrast. In this case, his heart juxtaposes the virility of leather with the softness of violet leaves. This plant gives off a floral and powdery scent which then enhances the retro-chic aspect of the whole. Finally, Balmain Homme offers us a more woody and deep trail. This one is especially full of cedar and oak moss. Likewise, the tonka bean completes the whole with an enveloping, sweet, slightly smoky and amended scent.

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