B. Balenciaga Intense, fragrance between intensity and seduction

The new flavor of the Balenciaga woman
B. Balenciaga Intense, between intensity and seduction
B. Balenciaga Intense, between intensity and seduction

Christobal Balenciaga was born in 1895 in the Basque region of Spain. His father was a sailor and his mother a seamstress. It was in 1917 that Christobal Balenciaga founded his fashion house in San Sebastian. The Spanish civil war of 1936 forced him to leave his country and set up the headquarters of the Balenciaga house, rue Georges V, in Paris. The first perfume of the Balenciaga brand was released in 1946. “Dix”, in reference to 10, rue George V, refers to the beginnings of the brand, thus paying tribute to its know-how. In 2016, Balenciaga unveiled “B. Balenciaga Intense” , a variation of B. Balenciaga released two years earlier.

The pronounced character of the Balenciaga woman

In 2014, the Domitille Bertier nose signed the new fragrance from the house of Balenciaga “B. Balenciaga”. At the same time green, tangy, but containing woody notes, and notes of violet, the fragrance “B. Balenciaga”represents the woman of the brand’s new vision. Indeed, it is the first perfume since Alexander Wang was appointed head of the Balenciaga house. The new Balenciaga woman is particularly romantic and sensual. In 2015, the brand presented a gentle variation with “B. Balenciaga Peau”. In 2016, the brand decided to take the opposite view of the previous variation with an ultra powerful version “B. Balenciaga Intense”. Thanks to its strong power of olfactory contrasts, “B. Balenciaga Intense” has a stronger, more assertive character. The woman “B. Balenciaga Intense” is more mysterious than her eldest, even if she remains as attractive as ever. True, intense and resolutely bewitching, the fragrance “B. Balenciaga Intense” has not finished revealing its charms …

The contrasting notes of B. Balenciaga Intense

It is also the perfumer Domitille Bertierwhich is at the origin of this powerful variation. “B.Balenciaga Intense” begins with both fruity and vegetal notes, combining soy, blueberry and green tea. The heart highlights a captivating flower, the Queen of the Night. Rather unknown, the Queen of the night is a flower with an intense scent, which is revealed only at night. From a cactus, the Queen of the Night offers a scent close to that of jasmine. The trail is sustained and woody thanks to the presence of mahogany and cedar. Finally, the bottle takes up the codes of its elder, while endowing itself with a gradient of pink, absolutely hypnotic. The bottle is topped with a transparent base combining a multifaceted and very structured glass. The hollow cap is ultra elegant. It is inspired by the aesthetics of Ulrich de Valrens’ cases. Finally,

“B.Balcenciaga Intense” portrays an attractive, irresistible and deliciously self-confident woman. A variation of “B. Balcenciaga”, the intense version is still as seductive. Nevertheless, she displays a contrasted and mysterious temperament thus stoking new lusts.

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