Aromatics Elixir Premier, Clinique reinterprets its bestseller

Aromatics Elixir, an unusual fragrance
Aromatics Elixir Premier, Clinique reinterprets its bestseller
Aromatics Elixir Premier, Clinique reinterprets its bestseller

Aromatics Elixir is a legendary perfume that was created in 1972 and which has considerably contributed to putting chypre fragrances in the spotlight. It has an authenticity that is both retro and elegant, always synonymous with “new chic”. If this juice has always had a certain notoriety on the other side of the Atlantic, it was initially intended for initiates eager for new and unexpected sensations. Today, it remains one of the greatest references of the Clinique house. It is therefore in this context that the brand has decided to reinterpret it to make it the brand new Aromatics Elixir Premier.

The floral and chypre fragrance of Aromatics Elixir Premier

Aromatics Elixir Premier is a fragrance that has retained all the soul of its predecessor. Indeed, it has always seemed to have a universal language capable of seducing women around the world. Consumers who have succumbed to its charm no longer seem to be able to do without this perfume in perfect harmony with the Clinique style. Much more than a simple juice, Aromatics Elixir embodies an art of living and an art of being. Far from trends and the ephemeral, it places consumers in a kind of timelessness. The new Aromatics Elixir Premier is neither a fashion fragrance nor a frivolous juice. It can be worn in all circumstances and in all seasons and relies on word of mouth to make people talk about it. For this, it took the initial recipe of its predecessor while modernizing it.

Aromatics Elixir Premier first of all highlights an extreme freshness made from bergamot. The scent of this citrus fruit is relayed by the presence of lemon verbena, a plant bringing a more aromatic side to the whole. Likewise, this effect is further enhanced by the presence of sage. Orange blossom, for its part, brings here a very Mediterranean luminosity. Then, her heart becomes more floral. Aromatics Elixir Premier is a blend of rose, sambac jasmine and tuberose. Patchouli gives more depth and elegance to this fragrance. Finally, Aromatics Elixir Premier wraps itself in vetiver, oakmoss, myrrh and musk.

The new bottle developed by Clinique

On the bottle side, here again, Aromatics Elixir Premier perfectly respects the original spirit of the Clinique house . Nevertheless, the brand has exchanged its extreme simplicity for a more sophisticated work of glass. Now, this transparent pebble is sculpted with a flower on its front face. It always gives us the solar intensity of a tender yellow juice. Its glass has also retained its frosted appearance. Moreover, it also shows on its cap. Today it has gained in height. This gives it a more contemporary and avant-garde air. Only its chromed metal collar recalls its cabochon from the past. Visually, Aromatics Elixir Premier is revealed here in its most feminine form.

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