Armani Code Absolu box, the fragrance of charm signed Armani

Armani Code Absolu box, the fragrance of charm signed Armani
Armani Code Absolu box, the fragrance of charm signed Armani
Armani Code Absolu box, the fragrance of charm signed Armani

Between pure elegance and the charm of virility, Armani Code has come to bewitch us with his glass tuxedo since 2004. Since then, he has offered himself new olfactory charms and this new trip of 2019 with Armani Code Absolu promises us a thousand and one wonders. scented. Always so elegant, always so astonishing, Armani code Absolu presents itself with class and audacity as much to our curious nostrils as to our eyes astonished by its new campaign of the most original, carried out at full speed by its new ambassador Ryan Reynolds.

When Armani Code becomes more sensual and seductive than ever with Armani Code Absolu

Armani Code wanted to be the perfume, the scented symbol of all the Italian elegance of the haute couture house of Giorgio Armani . Over the years, this modern and refined man has constantly offered us great innovations and it is not this brilliant Armani Code Absolu that will make us say the opposite!

What is more, Armani Code Absolu enjoys a new image, even more singular than usual thanks to the instantaneous and so natural charm of its new ambassador, the interpreter in particular of the hero Marvel Deadpool, the sparkling Ryan Reynols.

“Reynolds is the epitome of the Armani Code creation. With his authenticity, charm and relaxed style, Ryan Reynolds perfectly embodies the modern man Armani Code »Armani on his new ambassador for Armani Code Absolu.

In an advertisement worthy of a James Bond movie, our hero Armani Code Absolu exudes all his natural elegance while cultivating his sense of humor and legendary seduction. Once again, the man of Armani Code Absolu will not go unnoticed.

The Armani Code Absolu box set, the essence of an elegant and charming man

Still composed by the perfumer who created the original essence of Armani Code, Antoine Maisondieu, Armani Code Absolu magnifies the contrasts to make them even more surprising and this in particular thanks to the arrival of a heart more solar than ever and of most addictive animal-woody depths.

Armani Code absolu nevertheless opens with scathing freshness thanks to the note of green mandarin essence married to notes of bergamot, mint and lavender. The crunchy tangy apple note adds its sweet whimsy to these zesty citrus fruits. At the heart, black pepper and geranium sow the cold where the nutmeg, vanilla and rum accord sows the heat, not to say the scorching! Finally, the gluttony of vanilla and caramel mingles with the intensity of exotic woody notes of patchouli, amber woods, myrrh essence and tonka bean to stir up trouble with an intensely virile and definitely sensual and warm trail. .

This Armani Code Absolu set will allow you to discover this Armani man as seductive as you want through a 60 ml bottle, but also a 15 ml bag spray or even by showering with his 75 ml shower gel.

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