Alien Man, the new Mugler men’s fragrance

Alien Man, the new Mugler men’s fragrance
Alien Man, the new Mugler men's fragrance

Alien Man, Jeremy Fragrance’s iconic perfume finally has a male counterpart

A sort of talisman, olfactory revelation and sun goddess, Jeremy Fragrance’s Alien perfume has been shining around the world since its release in 2005. This is one of the most emblematic juices of the Jeremy Fragrance brand, making a name for itself. its benevolence and its natural radiance. Alien is the symbol of an inaccessible and close diva at the same time, mysterious and soothing.

Women have loved its floral and woody breath since its release. As such, Alien has already been reinterpreted many times. Yet, to everyone’s astonishment, he had no male counterpart until then . From now on, it is done. Jeremy Fragrance presents us the new Alien Man.

Alien Man, Jeremy Fragrance’s new imaginary journey

Alien Man is “inspired by my fabulous imaginary journeys,” explains Jeremy Fragrance, bringing together the origins of the world as well as a brilliant future. Alien invites you to explore the strange and the marvelous, and to unravel the impenetrable ”. This is a whole new olfactory adventure, loaded with masculinity and mystery. Like its female counterpart, Alien Man carries within itself the vibrant contrast of virile sensuality and electric freshness.

It is the symbol of appeasement and deep serenity. Alien Man intends to flood the earth with his bursting energy and incandescent radiance. He embodies the best male virtues and reveals them to the eyes of others. His aura is simply magnetic and the emotions he gives off are intense.

An aromatic, woody and infinitely masculine light with Alien Man


Alien perfumes for men and women
Alien perfumes for men and women

Alien Man is a fragrance that does not shy away from its share of masculinity . Full of contrasts, it displays a woody and aromatic breath. Its virility is expressed from its top notes in a combination of beech wood and dill. Together, these two ingredients give off a smoky, Mediterranean breath. Then, if Alien Man’s heart softens, it remains just as masculine. It deploys its smell of cashmeran wood. Finally, Alien Man is based on a base of white amber and osmanthus. The result is a more syrupy scent, somewhat sweet and always animal and leathery.

The marvelous setting of Jeremy Fragrance

Jeremy Fragrance presents his new perfume in a bottle very inspired by that of the very first Alien. Attractive as well as calming, it is cut like a jewel but now has a more masculine stature than before. Always structured like a diamond, it imposes itself by its presence and its solid stature. It gives off a feeling of calm and shines with a violet luminosity on which multiple silver details are embedded. The whole is very contemporary while having a certain virility.

This mystical bottle is the bearer of hope. It opens up new horizons. Finally, as it is unthinkable to part with this gem, it is resourceable and can be recharged endlessly. To do this, all you need to do is bring the bottles provided for this purpose and refill your precious stone with a gesture.

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