A new Pure XS fragrance for women!

A new Pure XS fragrance for women!
A new Pure XS fragrance for women!
A new Pure XS fragrance for women!

Pure XS For Her by Paco Rabanne, when seduction is played to excess

With each of his perfume releases, the creator Paco Rabanne has the art to draw us into a universe in its own right. Lately, he decided to take us to a world made of fantasies and desires. With him, everything is played to excess and it is therefore quite naturally that the perfume for men Pure XS was born in 2017. Today, it is accompanied by a female equivalent whose release is announced for September 8. . Pure XS For Her could well become one of the bestsellers of the season. So, focus on this new concentrate of seduction!

Pure XS for Her, a sensual and solar essence

Pure XS For feminine version is a provocative fragrance that is definitely not made to go unnoticed. With him, everything is a matter of second degree. The perfect embodiment of your most hidden fantasies, it boasts sexual desire and without taboos. With him, eroticism is the order of the day. Despite its indecency, Pure XS for women is nonetheless very elegant. Pure, as its name suggests, it exudes a certain duality. With him, propriety and indecency become one. Vice and virtue intermingle as if to create a real magnetic shock. Pure XS For Her is a fragrance synonymous with excess that releases all its femininity in a floral and vanilla breath. The ylang-ylang is also there and gives it a more solar part. Finally, to amplify its irresistibility,

Emily Ratajkowski, new muse of Paco Rabanne

Because each new fragrance release is also accompanied by a beauty muse, the brand Paco Rabanne has chosen to reveal to us the new face of Pure XS Femme : Emily Ratajkowski. Sultry mannequin with perfect plastic, she never ceases to multiply beauty contracts. Emily Ratajkowski is presented as one of the most fashionable figures of the moment and was chosen by Paco Rabanne for her modern look, her pretty daring face and her uninhibited personality. So far, only three black and white shots of the campaign have been released. Advertising for Pure XS pour Femme promises to be a bit vintage, thus fully in tune with the times.

Pure XS For Her and its bottle synonymous with temptation

All that remained was to sublimate the whole thing with a splendid bottle. It is now done! Pure XS For Her comes in a kind of luxurious amphora with a transparent base and topped with an opaque black cabochon. Its rounded shape is almost reminiscent of an apple, while a golden snake wraps around its neck. The symbols of temptation are therefore omnipresent. The femininity of Pure XS For Her, on the other hand, is reflected in its pink color. Stop trying to fight, it just seems impossible to resist the call of this new fragrance!

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