A new Narciso Rouge fragrance from Narciso Rodriguez

A new Narciso Rouge fragrance from Narciso Rodriguez
A new Narciso Rouge fragrance from Narciso Rodriguez
A new Narciso Rouge fragrance from Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rouge, a condensed spirit signed Narciso Rodriguez

A friend of Narciso Rodriguez once confided to him that each time his wife wore her fashion creations, he was captivated by the sensuality she exuded. So when Narciso Rodriguez decided to go into perfumery, he chose to follow the same line of conduct. Since then, its olfactory ray has been characterized by a powerful harmony imbued with romanticism, strength and passion. In 2014 the brand launched the perfume Narciso then a powdery Eau de Parfum in 2016 . Today, the emphasis is more than ever on ardor. Narciso Rodriguez presents a brand new composition called Rouge.

Rouge, the embodiment of a more passionate femininity

First of all, let’s start by emphasizing the importance of the name and the color of this perfume: Red. The message is strong and could not be more evocative! Red is a colorful shade with universal reach that symbolizes an infinity of different and powerful things. It is the color of love but also of the forbidden, of ardor and passion, that of blood and therefore of life. As you will have understood, Narciso Rodriguez did not make a trivial choice here and it is precisely this passionate and intense spirit that we find in this new juice. Rouge gives us a new story signed by Narciso Rodriguez. He reinvents femininity and ignites its infinite power of sensuality. It is all at the same time: charm, seduction and mystery. It takes us to a more unbridled world, infinitely daring and particularly intoxicating.

The floral and unbridled sensuality of the Rouge perfume

But then, how is all this characterized on an olfactory level? The signature of Narciso Rodriguez has been preserved here. It is the powerful, animal scent of musk. This ingredient is wrapped in a floral bouquet, composed of Bulgarian rose and iris. These two emblematic flowers of women’s perfumery here release a poetic and devastating charm. They are finally relayed by a darker, woody and amber base. Narciso Rouge by Narciso Rodriguez ends with an alliance of tonka bean, vetiver, white amber and black cedar.

The return of Narciso Rodriguez’s iconic bottle

Rouge is once again presented to us in the emblematic bottle of Narciso Rodriguez. Cubic in shape, it is a true demonstration of the creator’s perfectionist spirit. It must be said that Narciso Rodriguez has always been passionate about the cubic form. This design gives it here a very contemporary and avant-garde look. However, this bottle has swapped its old ecru hue for a much more explosive ruby ​​red shade. Thus, the tone is set and the passion contained inside this bottle is already expressed visually.

Raquel Zimmermann as the Red Woman

Finally, to embody the image of the perfume Rouge, Narciso Rodriguez once again decided to call on the beautiful Raquel Zimmermann, the brand’s muse since 2014. This world-famous model has already worked for the presentation of many fragrances such as Love de Chloé, Gucci by Gucci or Eau Mega by Viktor and Rolf. It must be said that its pretty face and its devastating shapes make it the perfect image of this original juice!

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