Will my credit score go up after getting rid of a tax lien?

I’m trying to buy a house and a few months ago the bank ran my credit and my score was averaged 631 and the bank usually only gives loans to people with 640 or higher. They said I had a $ 780 tax lien on my credit that I knew nothing about. I finally got the lien completely removed from my credit because it was a big mistake and I did not owe any money. I called TransUnion and made sure it was gone. So now that the lien is 100% off my credit how much would you think it would go up? I have one credit card that I use for a lot of stuff but I don’t go above 30% of my limit. I have a $ 13,000 studen loan that I actually pay more than I am supposed to every month. So I have no clue how to get it to go up anymore, I know it’s a slow process but do you think getting rid of the tax lien will boost it just enough?