Wanted by Night, Azzaro returns with a new masculine scent

Wanted by Night, Azzaro returns with a new masculine scent
Wanted by Night, Azzaro returns with a new masculine scent
Wanted by Night, Azzaro returns with a new masculine scent

Wanted by Night, Azzaro’s new concentrate of sensuality

The Azzaro house was initially specialized in the making of women’s clothing. However, when she decided to extend her know-how to the world of perfumery, it was more successful for men. Since that day, Azzaro’s men’s fragrances have been renowned the world over. They are generally designed for charismatic men, while being inspired by the determined character of the Mediterranean. Wanted, Azzaro’s latest creation of 2016, can only attest to this. Today, it is given a new lease of life and becomes more sensual in its Wanted by Night edition.

Azzaro Wanted by Night, a fragrance designed in the image of Loris Azzaro

Wanted by Night is described as “the scent of a modern-day seducer, of an extraordinary man, elegant, daring, mysterious, surrounded by an aura of confidence and power. Whether night or day, it attracts and arouses desire ”. In fact, it is inspired by the hedonistic lifestyle of Loris Azzaro himself, the founder of the brand. This illustrious character liked to “play, flambé, succeed”. If we are to believe his future, it is clear that he was right to follow his instincts and to provoke luck. It is therefore precisely all this that we find in the soul of the new Wanted by Night.

A new woody and explosive fragrance: Wanted by Night

This mix between audacity and determination is felt in each breath of Wanted by Night. This is an oriental, woody, explosive and spicy juice. With him, sensuality has no limit. Wanted by Night starts off with a combination of citrus fruits . Its liveliness is indisputable and is prolonged by a more masculine heart, dominated by red cedar. Cumin brings here an interesting aromatic nuance. Incense and tobacco only envelop this composition in mystery. The woods are still very present in its base, further affirming the powerful and virile character of this perfume.

Azzaro opts for a weapon of mass seduction

On the bottle side, Wanted by Night takes the silhouette of its predecessor, simply arming itself with a more amber tone and a darker metal. It is as if night had fallen on the bottle of Wanted by Night. The whole forms a kind of barrel, constituting a chic and technical object, both round and powerful. Everything is thought out down to the smallest detail, whether it is the golden medallion similar to a poker chip and overhanging the set or the brass balls making Wanted by Night a weapon of seduction.

Nikolaï Danielsen, muse of Wanted by Night

Once again, to embody this fragrance, the Azzaro house has set its sights on Nikolai Danielsen. Face of the Wanted collection since 2016, it has everything of the Azzaro man. Her sculptural body, her dark gaze and her refinement make her a real fantasy. Tenacious, athletic, determined, he is also very involved in humanitarian causes, showing a certain sensitivity in this regard. Its only flaw !? Isn’t it a little too perfect? ​​…

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