The Smooth Minute Self-tanner signed Clarins

The Smooth Minute Self-tanner signed Clarins
The Smooth Minute Self-tanner signed Clarins
The Smooth Minute Self-tanner signed Clarins

The Smooth Minute Self-tanner, a product with immediate effectiveness by Clarins

The self-tanner suffered from a bad reputation for a very long time. It must be said that at the time it was much less sophisticated than today! It tended to create an orange skin which was accompanied by a sometimes quite unpleasant odor. Today, progress in this area has been considerable. The self-tanner allows you to obtain a beautiful golden complexion all year round while taking care of your skin. Clarins is no slouch when it comes to research on it. This is how the brand has made a revolutionary new self-tanner that works in just a few minutes. Focus on Clarins Lisse Minute Self -tanner.

The instant effect of Lisse Minute Self-tanner

When you put on self-tanner, you have to wait at least a few hours for it to start to take effect. However, it is precisely on this point that Self-Tanning Lisse Minute appears to be a revolutionary product. It smooths and brightens the face and décolleté in just a minute. As soon as it is put on, your face radiates a new natural tan. The Smooth Minute Self-tanner is the ideal product to give you a healthy glow with a snap of your fingers. Its express application will give the impression that you have just returned from vacation.

The anti-aging power of the Smooth Minute Self-tanner

What’s more, Clarins Smooth Minute Self-Tan doesn’t just color the skin. Its filling texture also acts on the epidermis to smooth it. From then on, Clarins Smooth Minute Self-tanner fills in fine lines and wrinkles. In a simple pass, it makes you lose 10 years, as if your last vacation had rested you enough, to the point that it is directly noticed on your complexion.

The texture of the Smooth Minute Self-tanner

The Smooth Minute Self-tanner is also very popular for its texture. It is a silky foam that immediately melts with the skin, without ever providing a greasy or sticky effect. In addition, as the Self-tanner Smooth Minute spreads very easily, it avoids demarcations, and offers a complexion and a particularly uniform tan. Forget the orange marks left by the self-tanners of yesteryear! With it, the natural color of your skin will simply be more radiant is slightly golden. No demarcation or trace of application will be guessed. Clarins promises you to obtain a particularly natural result.

Clarins application tips

Clarins Smooth Minute Self-tanner is applied like a foundation, on the face and décolleté. We recommend that you start in the center of your face and perform quick, light straightening strokes by stretching the product outward. However, absolutely avoid your eyebrows and your hairline. After application, do not forget to wash your hands and nails thoroughly, so as not to let them turn yellow. Finally, to avoid staining your clothes, wait a few minutes for the product to dry before getting dressed.

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