The new Dior Capture Youth Cream

The new Dior Capture Youth Cream
Capture Youth Antioxidant Cream
The new Dior Capture Youth Cream

Dior Capture Youth Antioxidant Cream, your skin’s youthful ally

To fight against oxidative stress which tends to prematurely age the cells of the epidermis, the house of Dior has created the Capture Youth range . Indeed, over time, the skin’s defense system tends to weaken. Consequently, our body is less resistant to external aggressions. This is when the first signs of skin fatigue appear, such as a dull complexion, redness, wrinkles or pores. To preserve these natural effects and maximize your youthfulness, Capture Youth antioxidant cream displays an unprecedented concentration of antioxidant active ingredients. It thus targets the signs of aging before they even appear.

The youth protocol established by Dior

The Capture Youth protocol implemented by Dior is based on a unique blend of two products. First, it consists of Capture Youth antioxidant cream . The latter serves as the basis for this ritual of care. It must then be paired with one of five specific Capture Youth serums, each of which meets specific skin needs.

The benefits of Capture Youth Antioxidant Cream

Capture Youth antioxidant cream has a very fine texture and optimal comfort. It penetrates into the heart of the skin and preserves its youthful capital. Full of iris and a unique plant mesh, it re-engages the resistance process of your skin. Therefore, your skin surface is better protected from external aggressions. Your face immediately appears smoother, more toned and younger. Finally, know that Dior Capture Youth antioxidant cream is made up of 88% natural ingredients, which makes it a very respectful product for the skin.

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