The new champion of the Lacoste Match Point fragrance ad

The new champion of the Lacoste Match Point fragrance ad
The new champion of the Lacoste Match Point fragrance ad
The new champion of the Lacoste Match Point fragrance ad

Match Point, the tension mounts in the urban universe of Lacoste

In 2020, the Maison Lacoste reveals a brand new scented line. Aimed at men, Match Point is a unique fragrance inspired by the world of sport, and more particularly tennis. His message is clear: live every moment of his life like a match point! Thus, the tension is palpable from its top notes to its base notes. Match Point is a very daring perfume that mixes unusual ingredients while presenting itself in a modern and refined bottle. Of course, like any new olfactory release, it is already accompanied by an advertising campaign. So, let’s see in more detail how his advertising was designed …

Lacoste retains its muses

For its new advertisement, Lacoste chooses to keep the muses of its previous perfume: the L.12.12 French Panache, born in 2019. Moreover, even if Match Point is an exclusively male fragrance, Lacoste has chosen to appeal to a couple. After all, the man does not appear to us fully whole when he is not accompanied by his faithful partner … Here, the two adventurers of Lacoste lend themselves once again to a carnal embrace. However, the tension is more palpable than ever. Even if the decor changes, Lacoste also preserves a very urban universe. Thus, Match Point is particularly contemporary.

Match Point, the scent of a thrilling embrace

The advertisement for Match Point is played on the musical and electro track “Run for me” by Sébastian feat. Gallan. Here, it’s all about tension. Moreover, this is felt not only in the choice of music but also in the way in which the camera is placed. The plans follow each other quickly. It all begins with the vision of the Lacoste bottle, standing out against a city background. The first vision is that of a steel bridge. Then, the male muse of Lacoste appears. Getting out of a taxi, he is quickly joined by his female partner, not hesitating to stride across the bridge to exchange a fiery kiss with his beloved. From then on, the young couple goes into a sort of trance. The bridge seems to want to separate them. What does it matter!

The Match Point perfume by Lacoste in a few words

Match Point is an aromatic and very refreshing fragrance that begins with basil essential oil warmed with pink pepper. His heart, meanwhile, is particularly surprising. Made from gentian absolute, it is relayed by a woody and more persistent base of vetiver. On the bottle side, Match Point comes in a sleek and contemporary glass container. Some elements borrowed from the world of tennis have been slipped here and there. Thus, its glass base forms the design of a ball while its cap is similar to the handle of a tennis racket.

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