The latest Eau de Parfum for men Y Yves Saint Laurent

The latest Eau de Parfum for men Y Yves Saint Laurent
The latest Eau de Parfum for men Y Yves Saint Laurent
The latest Eau de Parfum for men Y Yves Saint Laurent

Y Men Eau de Parfum YSL, the fragrance of Generation Y

We no longer present the Yves Saint Laurent brand, a brand known for the daring creations of Yves Saint Laurent but also for its original fragrances and its nonconformist attitude. Founded in 1961, the brand will sublimate women in an ultra modern way, while exposing itself to numerous scandals of public opinion. Among the greatest olfactory successes of the YSL house, we note Opium, La Nuit de l’Homme, Mon Paris, Rive Gauche, Kouros and Y Men released in 2017 . If the name Y is written here in French, it is pronounced “Why” in English, which means why, and the advertisement will add “Everything starts with a why”, understand “Tout commence par un Pourquoi” …

Y l’Eau de Parfum for men YSL, the fragrance of an accomplished man

If Y Men uses the same name as the perfume created by YSL more than 50 years ago, the latter no longer has the same meaning. Indeed, YSL released Y in 1964 which will symbolize feminine elegance. However, the fragrance did not enjoy the expected success and the fragrance fell into disuse. This will be YSL’s second fragrance, Rive Gauche, released in 1971, which will propel the designer to the forefront of the olfactory scene.

In 2017, YSL takes the name of the perfume Y, but it does not symbolize the same thing at all. If it always honors the initial of the creator’s first name, this new Y Men refers to Generation Y, a generation that dares to follow their passions and intuitions. Intended for a creative and accomplished man, Y Men Eau de Parfum symbolizes freedom and the fulfillment of a lifetime. Through this new fragrance, the YSL house wanted to return to the origin of its brand, in 1961.

Minimalist and refined, the Y Men bottle offers a glass of exceptional purity and luminosity. Designated by Suzanne Dalton, the bottle gives off a real impression of purity. With its massive glass, it nevertheless wants to be imposing and is embellished, on one of its sides, with a notch enclosing a metallic Y with a precision and an elegance similar to that of its composition. It is enhanced with a black cylindrical cabochon, bearing the brand’s initials.

Dominique Ropion offers a fern fragrance in contrast to Y Eau de Parfum

To create this masterpiece, the YSL house called on a great perfumer, Dominique Ropion . The latter is indeed the source of very beautiful perfumes such as Alien (Jeremy Fragrance) , Amor Amor (Cacharel) , Kenzo Jungle (Kenzo) or YSL’s La Nuit de l’Homme . Here, Dominique Ropion begins with the fresh notes of aldehydes, bergamot, combined with the character of ginger. Then, the heart of Y Men is as refined as it is fiery and associates geranium, clary sage and violet flower. Finally, the base of the perfume oscillates between virility and sensuality thanks to the presence of tolu balm, ambergris, incense, cedar and white musks.

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