The androgyny of Calvin Klein’s CK One perfume

The androgyny of Calvin Klein’s CK One perfume
The androgyny of Calvin Klein's CK One perfume
The androgyny of Calvin Klein’s CK One perfume

Ck One, the men’s and women’s fragrance from Calvin Klein

Among the many fragrances emerging each year, some very quickly become iconic. Also, CK One is undeniably part of this. It quickly became the benchmark and cult perfume for a whole generation in the mid-90s.

CK One, a symbol of openness

The 90s were marked by a social renewal. Indeed, at that time, androgyny was more than ever at the heart of the news. Women liked to adopt a tomboy look while men did not hesitate to parade on the catwalks of the greatest designers sometimes wearing a skirt.

Also, it is precisely this upheaval that is referred to in the Ck One perfume . This one offers a mixed scent and is in this sense a symbol of open-mindedness. This is a juice for anyone who likes to share. It targets people who lead their lives as they see fit and who dare a sometimes confusing nonconformism. In this sense, it is a perfect symbol of all the audacity that we recognize in the Calvin Klein brand.

The mixed scent imagined by Calvin Klein

By creating the CK One perfume, Calvin Klein imagined a sort of modern-day Eau de Cologne. It is a particularly fresh and invigorating essence. The latter was composed by the talented perfumer Alberto Morillas. Its start is a real fresh breath composed of green tea, bergamot and pineapple. Then, her heart is more floral.

In particular, it is full of rose, violet and hedione, a synthetic fragrance with an odor similar to that of jasmine. Finally, CK One evolves towards a more sensual and enveloping base composed of amber, musk, cardamom and nutmeg. The rendering of this juice is absolutely innovative and it is a real pleasure to discover a summer version every year, a tradition that has continued since 2004.

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