Stronger with You Freeze, The scented novelty, full of energy

Stronger with You Freeze, The scented novelty, full of energy
Stronger with You Freeze, The scented novelty, full of energy
Stronger with You Freeze, The scented novelty, full of energy

Stronger with You Freeze, Armani’s love as a source of energy

Stronger with You was born in 2017, aimed at all young people looking to surpass themselves. “From the first moment, Emporio was my field of experimentation. It was by observing life in its reality that I understood which direction to take. The collection has a youthful feel, but it’s not just for 20-year-olds but rather for those who with a certain elegance feel young at any age, ”says Giorgio Armani . However, this is precisely how this perfume was conceived. Today, he tells us about a new chapter in his history. Focus on Stronger with You Freeze, an essence designed for a young man in love, whose feelings increase energy tenfold on a daily basis.

The strength of love according to Armani

Like its predecessors, the new Stronger with You Freeze comes in the company of its female counterpart, In Love With You Freeze. The two are an inseparable couple, using their burgeoning feelings to create crazy energy and turn every mundane situation into a positive experience. Their motto is clear: “Together we can touch the sky, Together we can fly, Together we are unstoppable”. Nothing seems to be able to stop this indomitable couple, eager to make the most of every moment and enjoy life to the fullest! Stronger with You Freeze is a magical elixir, offering extraordinary powers to whoever wears it. With it, become a little stronger every day!

Stronger with You Freeze, a refreshing and woody fern

Stronger with You Freeze comes in an almost identical bottle to its predecessor. Imposing, its broad shoulders give it a natural charisma. Nevertheless, its curves are infinitely sensual. Its amber juice here gives the impression of a warm fragrance. However, its glass is now frosted, as if to highlight its refreshing power.
Stronger with You Freeze is a scent that does not lack bite, and this is noticeable from its top notes. It immediately gives off a fresh and slightly peppery scent from ginger, tangerine and lemon. A green apple is also included in its recipe to give it a more vegetal and crunchy side. Then, little by little, its heart becomes aromatic. Stronger with You Freeze contains lavender, sage, geranium and cardamom. To make your mouth water, candied chestnuts sublimate its trail, while amberwood and bourbon vanilla make it sweeter. Finally, its masculinity is fully expressed by the presence of guaiac wood.

Armani offers two new muses

To embody the image of Stronger with You Freeze and In Love With You Freeze on the screen, Armani called on two new muses. Nicholas Hoult is accompanied here by Alice Pagani. The two actors appear in a sulphurous advertisement, directed by Fabien Constant and photographed by Damon Baker. Undeniably, Armani offers us a crazy romance that already promises to be emulated by many.

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