Sorbetto Rosso, the new Escada fragrance

Sorbetto Rosso, the new Escada fragrance
Sorbetto Rosso, the new Escada fragrance
Sorbetto Rosso, the new Escada fragrance

Sorbetto Rosso, a new limited edition for the Escada house

Founded in 1978, the Escada house owes its existence to Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley, a couple of visionary designers. Together, they revolutionized the fashion world and proposed a democratization of haute couture. Then, in 1990, they decided to expand their business sector. Thus, they made a first perfume, bearing the name of the creator of the brand, Margaretha Ley. However, at present, it is no longer this fragrance that makes the reputation of the brand. Escada is mainly talked about thanks to its limited summer editions.

Each summer, Escada launches a new fragrance that only lasts for one season. This time, Escada has already announced the name of its next creation, for 2018. Focus on the new Sorbetto Rosso .

Summer is already coming to Escada with Sorbetto Rosso!

If Escada has chosen to reveal the name of its next perfume and part of its composition, it is quite simply because its limited editions are particularly eagerly awaited. Escada summer fragrances are very popular with fashionistas and collectors as well. They offer a new scent each summer and evolve the emblematic bottle of Escada. The bottle of these perfumes keeps the same silhouette. On the other hand, new designs and flamboyant colors constantly enhance these new packaging.

It is therefore a real surprise that awaits fans of this exceptional brand every year. Last year Escada celebrated the 25th anniversary of this collection. She thus led us towards a tropical universe, offering us a terribly sensual game of seduction. Thus, by revealing the name of its next perfume in the fall, it is a little as if Escada were offering us an enchanted and sunny break in the middle of winter. Sorbetto Rosso is a bit like the promise of an upcoming trip, enough to make us wait for the long snowy months to come.

The new Sorbetto Rosso fragrance

Sorbetto Rosso is a fragrance that remains very mysterious at the present time. Indeed, very few elements composing its recipe have been revealed. We only know that its central ingredient will be watermelon. After all, what better fruit than this to characterize summer? Full of water, it is a food very appreciated for its freshness and its moisturizing power. On the other hand, given that it is a raw material composed of 90% water, it is not possible to directly extract the scent.

The smell of watermelon has therefore been fully reconstituted in the laboratory by Escada. For a more marine side, the brand has also added a certain salinity to Sorbetto Rosso. Escada has already said that its juice contains sea salt. No need to go far to imagine yourself on a beach, your skin caressed by the salt spray, enjoying a refreshing slice of watermelon. . On the aesthetic side, Sorbetto Rosso comes in a bottle elegantly decorated with a pink and blue gradient. A portion of watermelon also sublimates its front face.

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