Shalimar Souffle Intense, the new bewitching fragrance from Guerlain

Shalimar's story
Shalimar Souffle Intense, the new bewitching fragrance
Shalimar Souffle Intense, the new bewitching fragrance

Originally, in 1925, there was Shalimar, an essence synonymous with mystery and seduction . Over the decades, this iconic Guerlain fragrance has made millions of followers. It is now a great classic in perfumery and a true legend. Today, Guerlain has decided to reinterpret it and write a new page in its history. Shalimar Souffle Intense takes us into a new universe. As seductive and provocative as ever, it displays a more floral and oriental scent than ever, transcending the intoxicating breath of its predecessor.

Shalimar Souffle Intense, a fragrance worthy of a great love story

Guerlain perfumers have always been very attracted by the riches of the Orient. Many times in their history, this part of the globe has served as a source of inspiration. Shalimar therefore tells us the story of Emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved, Mumtaz Mahal. Their romance took place in the 17th century in India. The emperor had many wives but his favorite by far was Mumtaz Mahal. Both lived their love story in the heart of the sumptuous gardens of Shalimar. They met in this marvelous setting until the death of Mumtaz Mahal. Overwhelmed by sorrow, Shah Jahan decided to pay homage to his beautiful and built the most famous mausoleum on the planet in this place: the Taj Mahal. This fascinating story fascinated Jacques Guerlain who decided to make a perfume of it. So it’s all this romanticism thatwe find once again in Shalimar Souffle Intense.

Shalimar Souffle Intense’s new recipe

To make this unique essence, the Guerlain house called on its official perfumer: Thierry Wasser. The latter chose to start his perfume with a blend of citrus fruits. Thus, Shalimar Breath Intense combines the sweetness of bergamot with the freshness of lemon. Mandarin, meanwhile, gives it a more tangy side. Then, Shalimar Souffle Intense gains in luminosity. It combines in its heart the opulence of jasmine and the Mediterranean and solar breath of orange blossom. Its base gradually becomes more exotic and envelops itself in vanilla. Two varieties of this ingredient are associated here. Shalimar Souffle Intense contains vanilla from Papua New Guinea (Tahitensis) and Madagacar (Planifolia). The white musk finally comes to close this recipe, reinforcing its sensuality and its sweetness.

The return of the famous Guerlain bottle

Shalimar Souffle Intense is presented to us in an iconic Guerlain bottle , designed by Raymond Guerlain himself in 1925, in collaboration with Baccarat. It is a chiseled pedestal basin inspired by the movement of water that gushes out of a fountain in the gardens of Shalimar. This aquatic effect is also this time reinforced by the bluish color of this bottle. Everything also evokes the night, a wonderful moment during which all love stories are possible …

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