Scandal the perfume Jean-Paul Gaultier

Scandal the perfume Jean-Paul Gaultier
Scandal the perfume Jean-Paul Gaultier
Scandal the perfume Jean-Paul Gaultier

When Jean-Paul Gaultier places Scandal at the heart of his perfume department

Jean-Paul Gaultier is often presented as “the enfant terrible of fashion”. And for good reason… A true creative genius, he does not hesitate to jostle people and make fun of the diktats of our society. These couture creations dare to be punk, exotic, transgender. How not to be surprised by these tight-fitting jackets, these mesh T-shirts, these bustiers with conical breasts…? Jean-Paul Gaultier is a character who likes to make Scandal! However, it would seem that this is precisely where the inspiration for his new scented creation emanates. Jean-Paul Gaultier presents his brand new fragrance: Scandal .

The controversial universe of the new Jean-Paul Gaultier

Since January 2016, the house of Jean-Paul Gaultier had shown more classicism in terms of perfumery. Indeed, since that date, the brand has been bought by the Spanish group Puig, which forced it to refocus on its two major fragrances, namely Le Mâle for men and Le Classique for women. However, this time, it is indeed a new pillar of the house that seems to make its appearance. The new Scandal takes us into a quirky universe, and intends to break all the clichés of perfumery. With him, elegance rhymes with exuberance. Nothing seems too daring for this new fragrance and it already promises to mark the year 2017. Everything about him is reworked with modernity and daring, whether it is his gourmet fragrance or his particularly stunning visual.

Scandal and its quirky bottle

On the aesthetic side, the least we can say is that the new Jean-Paul Gaultier has not skimped on creativity. Thus, its bottle plays on a game of opposition between a very sober base and a much more extravagant cap. The base of this perfume is entirely made of a thick glass, a guarantee of quality and refinement. Rounded in shape, it reveals all the generosity of women. Moreover, its pretty soft pink color is a fabulous echo of the tenderness of female skin. The Scandal name of this perfume is displayed on the front of this container, in a recessed rectangle in relief. Nevertheless, the centerpiece of this new perfume remains its stopper. Entirely designed in chromed metal, it lets out two legs stretching towards the sky,this new scent . The idea is surprising but it at least has the merit of immediately leading us into the incredible universe of Jean-Paul Gaultier!

The gourmet and warm scent of Scandal

It remains to be seen if the recipe for this new perfume keeps all of its promises… Well, it seems so! Scandal is a game that fits perfectly with the current trend of gourmet perfumes. However, they do not fall into the cliché and rework the gluttony with modernity and creativity. Honey is the major ingredient in this new juice. It is placed at the center of this composition and is initially surrounded by gardenia. This small white flower native to Asia brings here a very marked floral, summer and vegetal scent. The sustained character of the Jean-Paul Gaultier woman, meanwhile, is reflected in her wake. Indeed, Scandal is structured with patchouli, an earthy ingredient that brings even more refinement to the whole.

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