Reviews on the perfume Only The Brave High

Reviews on the perfume Only The Brave High
Reviews on the perfume Only The Brave High
Reviews on the perfume Only The Brave High

Only The Brave High by Diesel, a fragrance that does not lack boldness and power

Since its very first launch, Diesel‘s Only The Brave range has clearly set out to inspire men to surpass themselves. Each of these perfumes is proudly brandished like a totem pole. Much more than simple fragrances, they are vectors of strong values ​​and courage. Also, to complete this well-known assortment of perfumes, Diesel has just announced the arrival of a brand new juice that is more airy and fresh than ever. This one is called Only The Brave High . So let’s see how this essence intends to revolutionize the world of men’s perfumery.

Only The Brave High, a fragrance full of conviction

Only The Brave High is a fragrance that is no exception to the rule and that perfectly respects the fundamental values ​​of the Diesel brand. Thus, he is the embodiment of ambition, determination and courage. Moreover, it is felt even in its bottle. Diesel had the excellent idea to be inspired by a sculpture of one of the best boxers on the planet: Joe Louis, 43 victories by KO out of 54! Everything about him shows his strength and ambition. What’s more, Only The Brave High now takes on a certain universality. Indeed, the house Diesel has chosen the color blue and transparency. Color similar to that of the sky and the sea, it is considered the most popular on the planet. Thus, Only The Brave High does not hide its ambitions and intends to conquer the world!

Diesel chooses a flavor popular with men

Because an impactful message is a clear message, the Diesel house has chosen to develop here a very structured and perfectly balanced juice. To do this, the brand called on two perfectly complementary designers: Nicolas Beaulieu and Carlos Benaïm. Nicolas Beaulieu is rather used to making perfumes for women. Thus, he brought to this composition more sensuality and elegance. Carlos Benaïm is an artist with great technical mastery and extraordinary scientific know-how. As a result, it is an assembly of all their knowledge that we find in the composition of Only The Brave High. This fragrance reveals all the facets of masculinity. It begins with a very fresh start before evolving into a vibrant, spicy and elegant heart. Finally, Only The Brave High ends with a more sensual, virile and amber breath. Everything is there: Only The Brave High is a fresh but full-bodied fragrance, sensual without ever being heady.

Liam Hemsworth as muse

Finally, note that this perfume also has a very talented muse. The image of this perfume is embodied by the alluring Liam Hemsworth. Face of the brand since 2015, the Australian actor fits perfectly to the image of this juice. He is at the same time very sensual while being virile, seductive but enamored of freedom. Thus, Only The Brave High displays a perfect match between the visual of its bottle, its scent and its marketing campaign.

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