QuestionsAARGON AGENCY, PFD Success!
Hildegarde Eberhardt asked 6 years ago

Hi All, so from my previous post I stated that I was put into collections for a Six Flags Magic Mountain annual membership. This was a pay monthly to pay in full type deal. Apparently, I never updated my credit card online when I cancelled my previous one, thus missing payments on my account. This was back in July 2013, just yesterday, I got a notice that I had a new collections account from AARGON AGENCY c/o Six Flags for $ 53!!


Long story short, made my first call, spoke to a gentleman, he would not PFD but offered to take payment and update account as non-derogatory. I received my paid in full letter which is this one. Next, I decided to call them again and ask about a PFD, I explained to the guy that Magic Mountain had the incorrect email and phone # for me, so I was never contacted about the outstanding balance..he heard me out and said he would submit it for deletion and that I can expect it to be removed with 30-90 days, depending on CRA. Here is the PFD letter they issued me:



Hopefully this can help others who are in limbo with AARGON, they will infact PFD! Thank you to everyone for there advice and insight, much love!