Pure XS pour Elle, the ad with Emily Ratajkowski

Pure XS pour Elle, the ad with Emily Ratajkowski
Pure XS pour Elle, the ad with Emily Ratajkowski
Pure XS pour Elle, the ad with Emily Ratajkowski

Pure XS pour Elle by Paco Rabanne, a fragrance that is bared in a new ad

Paco Rabanne has the gift of telling us stories through the release of each of his perfumes. This time it’s about fantasies and eroticism. Paco Rabanne has excess in his genes and evokes sexual desire without any taboos. This is particularly evident in the advertising for its brand new feminine perfume. Pure XS pour Elle uses the codes of its male counterpart, to the delight of the male eye.

Emily Ratajkowski, the face of Pure XS for Her

On the occasion of the release of Pure XS for Elle, Paco Rabanne has chosen to present his new muse. This is none other than one of the most sulphurous models on the planet: Emily Ratajkowski. Beautiful and busty, the 27-year-old brunette never stops talking about her.

Her career really took off in 2013, thanks to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video, letting her appear completely naked. At the same time, Emily Ratajkowski does not hesitate to regularly reveal her naked body on Instagram, or in sexy Sports Illustrated shootings, as well as in the Love Magazine calendar.

You will understand, Emily Ratajkowski is not cold in the eyes, and it is precisely her feminism and her incredible freedom that have seduced Paco Rabanne. In parallel, Emily Ratajkowski also embraces an acting career. Definitely, this attractive young woman has more than one string to her bow!

The sulphurous advertising of Pure XS for Her

The Pure XS commercial for Elle features Emily Ratajkowski in a luxury palace. Here she plays the role of an embodied fantasy. Provocative and indecent woman, she walks in a sequined dress, attracting all the eyes of the men around her.

Irresistible, the young woman gradually undresses, throwing her admirers into traps as she travels. Emily Ratajkowski finally ends up totally naked in her bedroom. Under the eye of her suitors, she sprinkles the body of the new perfume of Paco Rabanne. This is too much, the entire male assembly succumbs to so much seduction!

The advertisement for Pure XS for Elle is based on a re-orchestration of “Love is a rebel bird” by composer Georges Bizet from 1875, from the opera Carmen. This new advertisement uses exactly the same codes as the campaign for the Pure XS for Men perfume in 2017, featuring Francisco Henriques, in turn the object of everyone’s desire.

Pure XS Her, a gourmet fragrance in a tempting amphora

La publicité pour Pure XS pour Elle s’achève par la vision de son flacon. Celui-ci est une sorte d’amphore rose surmontée d’un serpent doré, symbole fort de tentation. À l’intérieur de ce contenant se cache un parfum floral et gourmand. Pure XS pour Elle de Paco Rabanne s’élance sur l’odeur solaire de l’ylang-ylang, rejoint par un pop-corn plus sucré. La vanille, le bois de santal et l’ambrette achèvent cette composition.

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