Nomade Chloé Eau de Parfum

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Nomade Chloé Eau de Parfum is a 2018 Chyprée Floral Perfume by Chloe for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Quentin Bisch . Top notes are Mirabelle. Middle notes are Freesia. Base notes are Oak moss.

Nomade Chloé Eau de Parfum
Nomade Chloé Eau de Parfum


The Nomade perfume, a new Chloé olfactory adventure

However, in addition to its clothing, the brand is also one of the emblematic figures of modern perfumery. It has been exactly 10 years since Chloé embarked on this adventure, making a very first fragrance bearing her name, in 2008. To celebrate this anniversary as it should be, Chloé naturally decided to make a new fragrance. Her latest perfume is called Nomade and will appear in February 2018.

Nomade, the Chloé perfume of a free woman

First of all, let’s underline that this creation marks a turning point in Chloe’s universe. Indeed, until now, the brand always embodied the image of a fragile and bubbly young woman, a bit shy and rather introverted. Very discreetly, its juices materialized most of the time by a fresh and floral breath, releasing a spring sensation, always elegant and discreet. This time, the Nomadic woman is much more daring. It breaks with the standards of Chloé and blows a real wind of freedom on the perfume department. With her, everything is a question of surpassing oneself and of adventure. Nomade intends to encourage you to push your own limits. This juice is intended for all those who are not cold in the eyes and who are eager for new sensations.

A poetic Nomade bottle with floral freshness just like Chloé

More concretely, this is characterized by a fragrance with a floral and chypre scent. Nomade was developed by perfumer Quentin Bisch. It begins with a sweet and fruity scent of Mirabel. Then, freesia takes over. This white flower releases here a scent close to that of jasmine, both airy but slightly peppery. Finally, Nomade gains in depth and ends with a breath of oak moss, more woody and slightly earthy. It is presented to us in a round bottle. Its transparent glass reveals a peach-colored color, reminiscent of a woman’s skin. A pretty knot of fabric is elegantly tied at its collar. The whole is topped with a golden cabochon, a guarantee of refinement. The shape of this bottle is directly inspired by the Drew shoulder bag from the

Ariane Labed as Chloé’s new emblematic figure

All that was missing was a face to embody this new fragrance. It is now done! Chloé has already announced her collaboration with French actress Ariane Labed. Open and curious by nature, it must be admitted that it fits perfectly with the image of this fragrance. Moreover, Simona Cattaneo, marketing director of Coty Luxury, does not shy away from her pleasure in collaborating with her: “With this perfume, we are exploring new territory and presenting a new facet of the personality of the Chloé woman. Spontaneity, openness to the world and freedom are the values ​​that guide her and Ariane is the perfect embodiment of this new woman, Chloé. We are extremely proud that she is our new ambassador. “

The Chloé house launched into perfumery in 1975 with a pretty signature Chloé, yet it is with a bottle of the same name that the house will become cult in 2008 thanks to the talents of Michel Almairac who will offer the Chloé universe in a perfume. elegant and distinguished. From then on, Chloé perfumes will become synonymous with flowery grace and almost classic elegance. In 2018 Chloé will approach with Nomade and perfumer Quentin Bish a new olfactory chapter in her history where the flowery scents will become more intense to make us dream of distant lands .

Nomad or the ode to floral freedom signed Quentin Bish for Chloé

The house of Chloé is undoubtedly an haute couture and perfume house synonymous with romantic elegance and timeless grace. Although having waited a number of years before being finally appreciated at their fair values, Chloé fragrances, including the magnificent signature Chloé and its variations, are very representative of the retro-romantic universe of the brand.

Moreover, Michel Almairac’s work on the rose that dresses all the fragrances of the Chloé Signature range has become emblematic of Chloé perfumes. Despite the beautiful story that links the perfumer “king of the rose” to the Chloé perfumery, Chloé has chosen to turn the page of this romantic story to move towards a more modern, more invigorating elegance with Nomade and its young and daring perfumer Quentin Bish.

“The Nomade perfume stands out completely from the beginnings of Chloé, which evoked fragrances for women with romantic and discreet looks. It seems that with Nomade, the brand has grown and is giving us a whole new attitude. “& Nbsp; Yes the Mag about Chloé’s Nomade.

When Chloe’s flowers are traveling, Nomade takes us in a fruity and woody wind

The Nomad woman is an adventurer who has thirst for freedom. However, it remains as feminine and romantic as ever, but by wrapping these sweets with sensuality and gourmet notes. Nomade is the fruit of a creative work that plays out between the natural elegance of the house of Chloé represented by the flowers and the daring charms of the fruity and woody fetish notes of the fiery young perfumer Quentin Bish.

Thus for the first time in a perfume, Chloé Nomade opens with sweet and delicate fruity notes of mirabelle plum. At the heart we will find in Nomade the flowery beauty of all Chloé bottles thanks to the delicate and airy notes of freesia. Then the oak moss will go to conquer the depths of Nomad to bring to this pretty bottle a powerful wind of sensuality which will gracefully define the contours of the beautiful woman Chloe.

“Its juice is luminous, hot and mineral at the same time. A chypre floral that stands out thanks to notes of oakmoss, plum plum and freesia. A real wind of renewal and escape. “She about Chloe’s Nomad.

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