Mr. Balmain Balmain

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Mr. Balmain Balmain is a 1990 Citrus Aromatic by Balmain for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Becker Chalice . Top notes are Mint, Rosemary, Bergamot, Lemon, Clary sage, Basil, Thyme, Lemongrass. Middle notes are Ginger, Eyelet, Verbena. Base notes are Vetiver, White musks, Black pepper, Cedar.

Mr. Balmain Balmain
Mr. Balmain Balmain


Mr. Balmain’s story

This emblematic juice has survived the ages. Also, this longevity is undoubtedly the result of its very elaborate development, both architectural and classic but also endowed with an extreme creative genius.

Mr. Balmain’s story

Although Mr. Balmain was officially born in 1964, its history is older. Indeed, it began in 1947 when Pierre Balmain decided to make a perfume inspired by classic Eaux de Cologne. He simply replaced the citrus flavor typical of this juice with the sweetness of verbena, greener, aromatic and citrus. Pierre Balmain then decided to first name his juice “Verveine Citronelle”. Very quickly, he succeeded in conquering the hearts of the men of his time. In addition, the latter seemed to particularly appreciate its elegance and dynamism. Moreover, the story goes that even Marcel Rochas was a fervent admirer of this perfume. Also, it was not until 1964 that this fragrance was renamed Monsieur Balmain, making for the occasion echoed her female counterpart named Jolie Madame. A true benchmark in perfumery, this juice is famous for its elegant relaxation and its dashing and fresh naturalness. The harmony of its flavors have made it over the years an emblematic juice, sewn of authenticity and discretion.

The cult flavor of Maison Balmain

To achieve this essence, the Balmain house collaborated with the perfumer Germaine Cellier. She chose to start her juice with the freshness of verbena. Thus, this green and aromatic plant rounds off the ardor of citrus fruits. Indeed, many are present in the top notes of this perfume. In addition, Monsieur Balmain contains lemongrass, bigarade, lemon, bergamot, petitgrain and orange. What’s more, as if this freshness wasn’t enough, the whole thing is still completed by a mint accord. Then, a romantic rose is revealed in its heart. This emblematic flower of perfumery is here accompanied by thyme, rosemary and sage. Likewise, spices give even more character to Mr. Balmain. The latter are particularly dominated by pepper, ginger and nutmeg. The whole warms up little by little until it reaches a more woody and musky trail made from sandalwood, vetiver and oak moss. Since 2012, it should be noted that Mr. Balmain is no longer presented in its original bottle. It now adopts a more cubic and modern style. This one has sharp edges and sharp angles. On the other hand, even if it has been readjusted very recently, it echoes the first bottle of the house of Balmain from the 1940s. It now adopts a more cubic and modern style. This one has sharp edges and sharp angles. On the other hand, even if it has been readjusted very recently, it echoes the first bottle of the house of Balmain from the 1940s. It now adopts a more cubic and modern style. This one has sharp edges and sharp angles. On the other hand, even if it has been readjusted very recently, it echoes the first bottle of the house of Balmain from the 1940s.

The great masculine fragrance of the Balmain house derives its sparkling daring from the desires of its favorite couturier but also from the one who composed the vast majority of Balmain fragrances, Germaine Cellier. A strange woman who created perfumes for the Balmain house that remain eternal, such as Vent Vert, Miss Balmain or even Jolie Madame. To this Jolie Madame, Balmain will offer his personal composition of the artist named first Lemon Verbena then… Monsieur Balmain.

Monsieur Balmain and the aromatic and precious winds of the first woman perfumer Germaine Cellier

If in the vast majority of cases we locate the creation of Mr. Balmain in the 60s and after Vent Vert or Miss Balmain, in reality it is not! Because the beautiful citrus juice was named Monsieur Balmain in 1964 in order to offer a masculine juice to the sparkling Miss Balmain, but it had already existed since 1947!

Indeed, the great couturier Pierre Balmain took part in it in 1946 the perfumer Germaine Cellier in order to compose perfumes for the haute couture house in accordance with the elegant and refined style of her clothes. The talented and daring lady quickly composed Élysées 64-83 and the following year the now cult Vent Vert. The same year Pierre Balmain asked Germaine Cellier to create a tonic masculine fragrance for him, based on Eaux de Cologne, but much more refined and present. She will dedicate the composition of Verbena Citronella to the great gentleman.

However, Pierre Balmain decided to let his personal perfume fly in 1964 in order to offer a tailor-made alter ego to the Pretty Madame of the 1950s and to the one that will come out a little later, Miss Balmain. Germaine Cellier’s Verbena Citronella will therefore be called Monsieur Balmain from 1964 onwards and will follow a paved road of success by opening the way for men’s perfumes to sporty-chic scents totally in tune with the times.

“Monsieur Balmain is a fragrance of subtle and masculine elegance embodied in a fresh, memorable and timeless eau. »Balmain for Monsieur Balmain.

When Monsieur Balmain perfume was reborn in 1993 thanks to its reformulation by Calice Becker

By finally offering Monsieur Balmain to the public in 1964, Pierre Balmain knew to offer men a real fragrance which, although very dynamic and dazzling, does not lack character and daring. Moreover, Balmain’s friend, the no less famous Marcel Rochas, was inspired by this bottle which he himself carried to compose Eau de Verveine.

Despite the beauty of these innovative accords and his extraordinary longevity, Mr. Balmain ended up disappearing in the 1980s, a victim of the new juices but above all of the new regulations in force. It was in 1993 that Mr. Balmain joined the perfume department again thanks to the talents of Calice Becker. Monsieur Balmain is reformulated but has not lost any of the liveliness of its top notes or the beauty of its flowery-spicy heart accords. Moreover, just like at its first launch, Monsieur Balmain will make another triumphant entry among men’s fragrances.

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