Mirabilis Eau de Parfum


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Mirabilis Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by L’Artisan Parfumeur. The notes of this fragrance are Ambrox, incense, white musk vulcanolide

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Elegant in its simplicity, Mirabilis is the Natura Fabularis collection’s and perfumer Daphne Bugey’s attempt to tackle one of man’s deepest questions- nature vs science- with a clever, fragrant twist. Here, the debate between the rational and the spiritual plays out in Bugey’s choice of ingredients, with the natural world represented first via a rich, gently earthy incense, the most fundamental of all perfume ingredients, recalling ancient devotionals and primal understandings. Then, the scientific comes into focus, combining the comforting cleanness of Ambrox with Vulcanolide, a cutting edge synthetic musk with earthy and amber facets. The result is a fragrance that wears lightly, but not weakly- there’s an elemental power beneath the surface, humming with clean energy, but also just enough earthiness to never fully leave the natural realm. Part rational, part spiritual, Mirabilis is a true reconciliation between reason and belief.
Each Natura Fabularis fragrance is presented in an exquisite glass atomizer flacon with a beautiful metal bee detail.

Mirabilis Eau de Parfum
Mirabilis Eau de Parfum

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