Luna Rossa Prada Eau de Toilette

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Luna Rossa Prada Eau de Toilette is a 2012 Aromatic Woody Powdery Cologne by Prada for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Daniela Andrier . Top notes are Lavender, Mint, Orange, Lemon, Clary sage. Middle notes are Ambrette, Geranium. Base notes are Vetiver, Coumarin, White musks, Cedar, Evernyl, Cashmeran.

Luna Rossa Prada Eau de Toilette
Luna Rossa Prada Eau de Toilette


Luna Rossa: The love of sailing, the love of Man

Luna Rossa, a beautiful masculine scent, offers the seductive men of Prada a sporty and dynamic juice like the Prada-stamped sailboat which crossed the seas of the America’s Cup in 2000. Powerful but still as refined, the man Luna Rossa will cross all the raging seas …

Prada’s scent of adventure: Luna Rossa

In recent years, it has not escaped anyone, men’s perfumes are sporty. Always so virile, often very fresh, sometimes even original, men’s perfumes have become very athletic. For Prada, it is not only a question of being part of the trend but of raising the values ​​of sport high by associating them with luxury, thanks to sailing. Indeed Prada has been involved for more than 15 years in the very famous America’s Cup race thanks to its sailboat Luna Rossa, a sailboat which was honored in 2000 by winning the prestigious race.

Thus by creating Luna Rossa, the perfume, Prada honors its sailboat and its crew by offering them the perfume of victory. Moreover, a rare thing, in the video advertising campaign of Luna Rossa filmed by Adam Berg, it is indeed the real crew of the boat that we see struggling in the middle of a storm against a raging sea. As for the visual of Luna Rossa, it highlights a man in action, a sportsman, Nick Hutton, the master on board the boat.

Thus Luna Rossa is not only a perfume which exudes the values ​​of sport, it is THE perfume for athletes, for those who take up exploits to rise to the top.

“To be competitive at the highest level, you have to reach the top by all possible means: preparation, innovation, tenacity, passion… ”Max Sirena, skipper of Luna Rossa.

Luna Rossa: the strength and freshness of a masculine scent immersed in the deep blue

The creator of the bottle , Yves Behar, was inspired by the strength of the clean lines of the ships to create this magnificent bottle in Luna Rossa. With square shoulders, Luna Rossa’s opulent glass bottle amazes us with its steel colors, sometimes on a smooth varnish, sometimes through a mesh covering. Bottle of a sport perfume obliges, an elegant red line appears to affix the name of his house, Prada, being very adept of red which is more.
The Luna Rossa fragrance created by Daniela (Roche) Andrier opens with citrus notes of bitter orange married to a very fresh and aromatic mint. As for the heart, it is drawn on the same invigorating architecture between powerful lavender and a soft and dynamic clary sage. The depths of this beautiful athlete Luna Rossa will be more sensual thanks to the seed of ambrette and ambroxan.

“Prada Luna Rossa is a perfume for men which reinterprets traditional ingredients with agility.

A wave of aromatic freshness mixes with the fragrance, releasing strength and dynamic energy while preserving its noble and sensual signature. Prada for Luna Rossa.

After offering Amber for Men in 2006 and its intense version in 2011, Daniela Andrier and Prada offered these gentlemen the beauty of a new sporty and athletic male fragrance, Luna Rossa, paying homage to the sailboat of the same name. Luna Rossa will be the perfume of the exploit while absolutely not forgetting the chic and sophisticated spirit so dear to Prada, the better it will once again exude the love of Miuccia Prada for the marriage between past and present, so dear to his couture creations.

Luna Rossa or Daniela Andrier’s vision of chic and sophisticated sport for Prada

Do you believe that Prada can compose a sporty perfume like any other? Impossible, both the hostess and her now-appointed perfumer cannot bring herself to make perfumes “like the others”. Moreover for Luna Rossa, Daniela Andrier was put in competition with other perfumers and it is once again her composition that charmed Miuccia Prada!

Indeed Daniela Andrier made the choice for Luna Rossa to work on one of the traditional scents of perfumery, the beautiful and so powerfully aromatic lavender. However, it was necessary to offer this handsome and competitive male absolute modernity, without “falling” into the already widely known sports fragrance.

“It meant for us to reread the classic codes of the masculine. We are not in the muscle or the pretty swimsuit, but in the performance and the surpassing of oneself. Luna Rossa is our sporting soul. “Prada on the creation of Luna Rossa for Le Figaro.

It is with bitter orange, aromatic herbs and especially ambrette seed that Daniela Andrier will compose for Luna Rossa a chic but trendy fragrance that will be unlike any other. Prada magic operates once again!

Between traditional lavender accords and contemporary freshness, Luna Rossa stands out

For Daniela Andrier, the composition of Prada perfumes goes above all through the harmony between the traditional olfactory raw materials and the ingredients which will bring to these classic materials a wind of modernity and renewal. So for Luna Rossa Daniela Andrier worked lavender to make it more innovative than ever by confusing it with energetic and sophisticated aromatic and woody accords.

Luna Rossa opens with a burst of mint Nanah and bitter orange offering tonicity and originality. The famous lavender note is transfigured by the clary sage giving Luna Rossa an exceptional freshness as if we were carried by the famous Prada brand boat. Finally, the ambrette seed powder comes to powder these tones of its wild and animal strength to take us to scorching lands where ambroxan becomes sweet and musky to better exhale the athletic strength of this hero of Luna Rossa.

< p> “& nbsp; A deceptively simple and consensual construction, but which takes men by the hand and, without rushing, accompanies them towards a satellite both reassuring and demanding of the Prada galaxy.” Madame Le Figaro about Luna Rossa de Prada.

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