Love Story Eau Sensuelle Chloé Eau de Parfum

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Love Story Eau Sensuelle Chloé Eau de Parfum is a 2016 Olfactory family: Perfume by Chloe for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Domitille Bertier Anne Flipo . Top notes are Orange Blossom. Middle notes are Heliotrope. Base notes are Sandalwood.

Love Story Eau Sensuelle Chloé Eau de Parfum
Love Story Eau Sensuelle Chloé Eau de Parfum


The romanticism of Chloe

Love Story is a love story emerging in the heart of Paris offered to us by the Maison Chloé on a day in 2014 The image was that of a romantic city bathed in a sky studded with light and whose atmosphere was enhanced by music echoing on the pavement. Also, it is a new chapter in this romance that the Chloé brand unveils to us today. After Love Story Eau de Parfum in 2014 and Love Story Eau de Toilette in 2016, Chloé presents Love Story Eau Sensuelle.

The romanticism of Chloe

As always, Chloé has shown immense < a href = ""> elegance here associated with a strong dose of romanticism. Love Story Eau Sensuelle plunges us into the heart of Paris, as the sun sets and the roofs of the capital stand out against an amber sky. Love Story Eau Sensuelle is both candid and seductive. It exudes sensuality and revolves around three main ingredients. Of course, orange blossom, an iconic ingredient in the Love Story collection, is still there. It must be said that it evokes everything at the same time: a field of flowers as far as the eye can see, a terrace bathed in sunshine, the sweet smell of babies, the tenderness of a kiss on the crook of the neck .. Very seductive raw material, it is accompanied here by heliotrope. This spring plant then comes to soothe the whole and make it more tender. Love Story Eau Sensuelle thus becomes like a butter madeleine that you can’t help but devour. Then, this fragrance ends up on a smoother and more velvety note. It comes directly from sandalwood, an ingredient also known to be an excellent fixative. Everything is signed by two perfumers, namely Anne Flipo and Domitille Bertier.

The new look of Love Story Eau Sensuelle

On the aesthetic side, it is the charming Clémence Poésy who has the heavy task of embodying the face of this loving and refined woman. The French actress has been the face of the Chloé brand since 2014. For the occasion, she was photographed by the Dutch duo of photographers Inez & amp; Vinoodh. In this case, the latter are particularly recognized in the creative world. They notably collaborated with Björk in the 2000s as well as with Lady Gaga. In addition to highlighting the talented Clémence Poésy, they will also highlight the new color of Love Story Eau Sensuelle. This one displays a coral-colored juice to match the nonchalant bow tied at the top of its bottle. Fans of the House of Chloé will recognize the iconic fluted signature of the Love Story glass. In addition, this pleated work is directly inspired by the sleeves of a famous blouse of the brand. Everything is contained in a case with a slender and very geometric silhouette. This fits perfectly into Chloe’s universe. It is at the same time bright and captivating, sexy without being overdone, modern and refined. In other words, he is similar to the Chloe woman: impossible to forget.

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