Issara Extrait de Parfum


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Issara Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Dusita. The notes of this fragrance are Pine, sage, coumarin, bourbon vetiver, tobacco, musk, amber, oakmoss, woods

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As one of modern perfumery’s oldest and most stalwart genres, the fougère might seem immune to reinvention- what hasn’t yet been done? At least, that’s how we thought before we smelled Issara. At once fiercely natural and intricately refined, Issara is a fougère beyond comparison, blending classic freshness with dynamic ingredients that add unprecedented smoothness and character.
Issara immediately identifies itself as a different kind of sun-kissed fougère with an opening bright with crisp pine needles, blending effortlessly into a subtle, herbal sage. The sense of natural space only continues in the heart, as an arresting coumarin accord delivers the fresh scent of newly-mown hay, while vetiver and tobacco deliver smoothly spicy aromatic and balsamic tones. In the base, earthy musk and oakmoss hew to traditionally invigorating roots, with another wondrous twist- a rich dose of real ambergris, smooth, lightly spicy, and deeply indulgent. Both natural-feeling and immaculately crafted, smooth and rich, Issara is a new masterpiece of the fougère style.

Issara Extrait de Parfum
Issara Extrait de Parfum

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