Fahrenheit Christian Dior Eau de Toilette

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Fahrenheit Christian Dior Eau de Toilette is a 1988 Woody Leather Floral Green Cologne by Christian Dior for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Jean-louis Sieuzac . Top notes are Lavender, Lemon. Middle notes are Violet leaf, Hawthorn. Base notes are Vetiver, Patchouli, Styrax.

Fahrenheit Christian Dior Eau de Toilette
Fahrenheit Christian Dior Eau de Toilette


Christian Dior’s Fahrenheit fragrance

He thus places man at the center of the universe when it carries it and makes him an almost divine messenger. Also, it is precisely to this image that the Fahrenheit perfume sends us back. This invites man to refocus on himself as being almost at the central place of our world.

The mystery of the Dior man

If Fahrenheit was able to seduce the male race with its scent , the message associated by Dior with it is not innocent of its success either. With him, Dior’s ambition was to portray the image of a man in the midst of questioning, in search of the essential values ​​of life. Fahrenheit then had the ambition to present us the new image of a man. Indeed, many models have followed one another in the perfume department, ranging from the seducer to the antihero, including the golden boy. Dior thus seems to want to put an end to these traditional and often little valued models. Here she offers us the vision of a man in search of greater inner harmony. This one is all at the same time. It draws its strength from the past and the future, hot and cold, light and dark, the material and the spiritual. The Fahrenheit man endows himself with a complex personality in which opposites seem irremediably attracted. The Dior man is simply fascinated by the meeting of extremes and this is how he wears a perfume in his image.

The contrasting power of Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit appeared in 1988, dissociating itself considerably from all of its predecessors. It is a composition made of clarity and power, flowers and wood. It opens with a luminous and green flight of tangerine, honeysuckle and hawthorn. Then, a more sacred and floral heart takes over. This combines an enormous bouquet with a more powdery and vegetal aspect emanating from the leaves of violets. The whole thing gives a real personality to this perfume while the whole gradually slips towards a darker and woody trail. This contains cedar and sandalwood. The lentiscus brings a more Mediterranean warmth to this juice, making it smell as good as the garrigue. Finally, for more animality, Fahrenheit ends with the sensual warmth of styrax and leather. If its smell has become emblematic, also know that Fahrenheit is immediately recognizable by its bottle. Its ambition is to assert a primary return to the sources of creation. It is brandished like a totem symbolizing life and strength. This one is both authentic and modern, lacquered in a molten red like magma. Likewise, the whole evolves little by little at its base towards a bright yellow symbolizing solar power. lacquered in a molten red like magma. Likewise, the whole evolves little by little at its base towards a bright yellow symbolizing solar power. lacquered in a molten red like magma. Likewise, the whole evolves little by little at its base towards a bright yellow symbolizing solar power.

The house of Dior had already indicated its strong desire for change by launching the fabulous but controversial Poison. A few years later, in 1988, the venerable fashion and perfume house will offer men with Fahrenheit a fragrance as original and innovative as Poison would have been for these ladies . The artistic and olfactory universe of Fahrenheit is unique, complete and above all truly unique.

Fahrenheit, the crazy bet of perfumer Jean-Louis Sieuzac and the house of Dior < / h2>

After having dared to bring out the criminal but so divine Poison, the director of Dior perfumes, Maurice Roger, did not hesitate to offer these gentlemen the pretty and original Fahrenheit masterfully composed by Jean-Louis Sieuzac . Yet the Fahrenheit tests on men were not necessarily convincing … But whatever! The big boss Dior considered these tests contrary to the freedom of creation, which had to be above all daring. He loved to repeat with humor: “Less testing, more testicles!” “. A crazy bet that quickly proved to pay off for both Poison and Fahrenheit…

However, despite the audacity of this magnificent Fahrenheit, Maurice Roger knew that he had addressed himself to one of the masters of the creation of disturbing and innovative fragrances. Indeed, before Fahrenheit, Jean-Louis Sieuzac had already created Opium d ‘Yves Saint-Laurent, Bel-Ami d’ Hermès or even Gray Flannel. Fahrenheit was therefore not his first perfume to break completely with the classics.

Either way, Fahrenheit offers the wake of a new man who plays with nature to sow fire and ice, freshness and burns, through historical accords that will absolutely not go unnoticed.

“The perfume is designed to offer a new vision of virility, evoking a seductive and seductive man, loving large spaces. »Le Parisien pour Fahrenheit de Dior.

Dior Fahrenheit or the fabulous accord of woody violets

Although Jean-Louis Sieuzac has already explored the subject of the violet in the magnificent Gray Flannel by offering it green, this time he persists and signs in Fahrenheit with his molecular find (methyl octylcarbonate) making it always more flowery but also darker. A legendary accord that left an indelible mark in the history of perfumery, and moreover male perfumery.

“A signature recognizable among all: the emblematic association of wood and violet leaves with accents green and woody is now part of the historic accords of perfumery. “The Fragrance Foundation for Fahrenheit by Dior.

In addition to this delicate violet with a thousand and one surprises, Fahrenheit does not hesitate to throw us into a bath of lemon and lavender freshness … Then to offer these gentlemen, in the heart, a pretty bouquet of flowers composed of a delicate hawthorn but also, of course, violets . Yet the woody-leather effect of the depths throws us into sensual fire, as if to better surprise us between styrax, vetiver and patchouli.

The new adventurer of Dior opens with Fahrenheit an enchanted perfumed parenthesis that will not end anytime soon. Moreover a few years later Dior Homme will also prolong the desire for flowers of these gentlemen …

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