Eau de toilette For Him Eau de Toilette Narciso Rodriguez

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Eau de toilette For Him Eau de Toilette Narciso Rodriguez is a 2007 Fougere Leather Green Cologne by Narciso Rodriguez for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Francis Kurkdjian . Top notes are Lavender, Green note. Middle notes are Violet leaf, Geranium. Base notes are Vetiver, Patchouli, Coumarin, White musks, Leather, Evernyl, Ambergris.

Eau de toilette For Him Eau de Toilette Narciso Rodriguez
Eau de toilette For Him Eau de Toilette Narciso Rodriguez


For Him Eau de Toilette, very contemporary and so sensual …

It was in 1996 that Narciso Rodriguez stood out, with Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s wedding dress that he imagined just for her. The latter then becomes his muse and a very faithful friend. Carolyn Bessett Kennedy dies in tragic accident with her husband. Very saddened, Narciso Rodriguez wishes to dedicate a perfume to him to pay him eternal homage. “For Her” is simply said, but the composition is unique. Faced with this success, Narciso Rodriguez decided to create his male counterpart, “ For Him, le Parfum ” then, “ For Him, Eau de toilette ”.

Sensuality for men

Like the female version,“ For Him ”is mysteriously captivating and magically sensual. The uniqueness of “For Him” Eau de Toilette makes it so rich. Regarding his male version, Narciso Rodriguez affirms “I wanted a perfume whose identity is strong enough to be able to surprise and seduce. A fragrance that is impossible to ignore without being intrusive or aggressive. For Him is above all the essence of the mystery… When you wear it or smell it, whether you like it or not, it makes you react… ”Just like“ For Her ”,“ For Him, Eau de toilette ”is composed of Egyptian musk, this very special oil. Elegant and very contemporary like its Eau de Parfum version, “For Him”, L’Eau de Toilette “is an ultra modern fragrance, but lighter and more airy. The man” For Him,

The heart of musk from For Him Eau de Toilette

The magnificent heart of musk vibrates around three notes, floral, amber and woody. The beginning of Eau de Toilette “For Him” ​​escapes thanks to the aromatic notes. These are harmoniously mixed with the violet flower. The heart explodes with beauty in a marvelous musk accord. The background is sensual thanks to the presence of patchouli and amber… The bottle is a high perfume bottle with a contemporary design and clean lines. In all transparency, the bottle reveals a lacquered black color, for a final touch of elegance and sobriety.

After Eau de Parfum, Narciso Rodriguez unveils “For Him, Eau de Toilette”. Sensual, modern and endearing, “For Him, l’Eau de Toilette” is a decidedly captivating fragrance. It evokes a charismatic man, who likes to please, but who keeps a part of mystery and modesty in him. “For Her, Eau de Toilette” is the male counterpart of “For Her”, a heartbreaking tribute by Narciso Rodriguez for his friend Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. The male version has succeeded in perpetuating this aspect so particular, so beautiful and so intimate.

The fashion house Narciso Rodriguez has always known how to combine the modernity of its cuts with the retro charm of the great classics, it was the same for the perfumes and in particular its bestseller and very first perfume For Her released in 2003. How to imagine that the so seductive For Her doesn’t have a male alter ego? In 2005 with For Him Eau de Parfum and 2007 with For Him Eau de Toilette it was done!

< h2> The elegant and virile man designed by Francis Kurkdjian for For Him by Narciso Rodriguez

The very first fragrance from the house of Narciso Rodriguez, For Her, was designed by Christine Nagel and Francis Kurkdjian to be both very feminine and very sensual, but above all very original. An originality that combines the retro side of chypre scents with the freshness of citrus and the sensuality of woody notes. For Her was a great success in perfumery and notably twice won the famous Fifi Awards in 2004 and 2007.

The least we can say is that the expectations were immense when the Maison announced that it would offer a masculine scent that would combine with this magnificent For Her. And it is precisely one of the perfumers of For Her, Francis Kurkdjian who developed For Him Eau de Parfum and For Him Eau de Toilette using the same amber frame that he used with Christine Nagel for For Her. With the difference that this note would be characterized in For Him for Egyptian musk, a powerful musk in the eau de parfum but more sober in the eau de toilette.

Thus For Him Eau de Toilette, released in 2007, took up the challenge of For Her and For Him EDP while offering itself in a more sober way to men who seek both elegance and differentiation.

“Narciso Rodriguez For Him has the strengths of a beautiful masculine classic, but with a real share of unexpected novelty and risk. Although for me it carries a great dose of sensuality, this fragrance never goes overboard. It remains fine and classy and above all quite fresh, which makes it truly irresistible ”& nbsp; Le Nez Bavard about For Him, Narciso Rodriguez.

For Him by Narciso Rodriguez or the explosive encounter between a fresh violet and a wild Egyptian musk

Francis Kurkdjian is not man to let himself be guided by trends or by marketing concepts, he composes perfumes as an “emotional medium”, a creator of sensations and emotions desired or dreamed. Very inspired by For Her, it was also for For Him whether it is in the eau de parfum with absolute power or in For Him the eau de toilette as delicate as it is sensual.

From then on the departure of this For Him Eau de Toilette, lavender and a green note, draws us into a breath of absolute vegetal freshness. A tornado that will not be extinguished by the powdery violet of the heart, on the contrary the geranium will punctuate the whole with its nervous freshness. But the fresh, vegetal breezes will quickly be thwarted by torrid and woody heat of vetiver and patchouli married to ultra virile leather notes. Ambergris and coumarin will bring to this powerful trail the part of masculine animality necessary for this great fragrance to be better enveloped in the sweetness of white musks. & Nbsp; & nbsp;
“A masculine, sensual, elegant and modern fragrance.

A heart of musk exalted by three facets: floral, amber, woody. »Narciso Rodriguez for for Him Eau de Toilette.

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