Eau de toilette 1902 Lagoon & Fleur De Tiaré Berdoues

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Eau de toilette 1902 Lagoon & Fleur De Tiaré Berdoues is a 2020 Oriental Floral Cologne by Berdoues for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Tiara, Coconut, Orange Blossom. Middle notes are Exotic fruits, White flowers. Base notes are Sandalwood, Vanilla.

Eau de toilette 1902 Lagoon & Fleur De Tiaré Berdoues
Eau de toilette 1902 Lagoon & Fleur De Tiaré Berdoues


1902 Lagon & Fleur De Tiaré, the fresh Berdoues novelty

But is this really a reason to forget the origins of the perfumes that we know today? To better remember and immerse ourselves in its prestigious heritage, the Berdoues brand has developed an olfactory collection called 1902. Today, in 2020, this blend is still growing with a newcomer. Lagoon & amp; Fleur de Tiaré gives pride of place to escape and exoticism.

Why did Berdoues choose to pay homage to the date 1902?

If the Berdoues collection is so-called, it is quite simply because the brand was created in 1902, thanks to Pierre and Guillaume Berdoues. They were both hairdressers and barbers at the time when they decided to make their first amber Eau de Cologne, to complete the toilet ritual of their clients. The success was immediate! To evoke this scent of yesteryear, all the juices from Berdoues’ 1902 collection have the transparency and liveliness of Eaux de Cologne. All revolve around one or two major ingredients, evocative of a part of the globe. Here, it’s time for exoticism. Lagoon & amp; Fleur de Tiaré plunges us into the heart of a paradise island bordered by a turquoise blue lagoon.

Lagoon & amp; Tiare Flower, the evocation of heavenly water in a bottle

Lagon & amp; Fleur de Tiaré is presented in the bottle common to all the perfumes of the 1902 collection by Berdoues. Designed in a thick glass cylinder, this bottle is totally timeless. Its beveled edges extend to a more modern chrome cap, while a white label is affixed to its front face. This time, the transparency of its glass lets us glimpse a turquoise blue juice, similar to the water of an exotic lagoon. This bottle is available in a 100 ml format. Everything is also presented to us in colorful packaging, decorated with lush and feminine flowers and leaves. The time has definitely come for a change of scenery!

The luminous and aquatic breath of Lagoon & amp; Tiare Flower of Berdoues

Lagon & amp; Fleur de Tiaré from Berdoues intoxicates us with its solar fragrance and captivating from its top notes to its base notes. For this, he relies on an enormous bouquet of white flowers, infinitely luminous. It intertwines, in particular, the orange blossom and, of course, the Tiare flower, a true emblem of the paradisiacal islands. In addition, there are also some exotic fruits, such as coconut. Its milky smell immediately makes our mouth water, while enriched with a smoother and more seductive vanilla accord. Finally, Lagon & amp; Fleur de Tiaré from Berdoues ends with a woody scent of sandalwood. This enchanting lagoon immediately plunges us into the sweetest tranquility.

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