Eau de parfum N ° 19 Chanel

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Eau de parfum N ° 19 Chanel is a 1970 Floral Powdery Green Perfume by Chanel for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Henri Robert . Top notes are Neroli, Bergamot. Middle notes are Pink, Jasmine, Galbanum, Hyacinth. Base notes are Oak moss, Vetiver, Iris.

Eau de parfum N ° 19 Chanel
Eau de parfum N ° 19 Chanel


N ° 19 or the reflection of an extraordinary personality

The first fragrance from the house of Chanel, “° 5” released in 1921, revolutionized the world of perfumery and beauty. At present, it represents a timeless success and above all a benchmark. “N ° 19” was created in 1970, in the midst of female unrest. “N ° 19” wants to be very daring for the time and yet the success is not long in coming. A second number for a second legend …

N ° 19, Gabrielle Chanel’s latest perfume

Gabrielle Chanel used to say “To be irreplaceable, you have to be different”… “ N ° 19 ”is the other big issue of the Chanel brand. “N ° 19” has a special place in the house of Chanel because it is the last perfume to be launched during Coco Chanel’s lifetime. This fragrance pays her a real tribute since the “19” is Gabrielle’s birthday. When the latter exposes her desires for this new perfume, she comes up against the reluctance of those around her. Listening only to her intuition, Gabrielle Chanel turned to Henri Robert to create a bold fragrance with a strong temperament. The contrasting accord between green and powdery notes thus signs the “N ° 19”. Released just a few days before the death of Coco Chanel, “N ° 19” will forever remain her last extravagance, her last bang and more than anything,

The iris at the heart of N ° 19

N ° 19 is an uncompromising composition, like Coco Chanel. Here, the iris is at the heart of the composition, it is luminous and transparent. Between the galbanum of Iran, the flower of Neroli from Grasse, the rose of May and the iris of Florence, the heart offers an absolute Mediterranean fullness. In the background, the freshness of vetiver subtly reveals the scents of iris. This powdery fullness is enveloped by musks and sandalwood, which gives the whole a soft sensuality. Like the sobriety of the N ° 5 bottle, the N ° 19 bottle opts for a simple and square architecture, stripped of all frills.

Released in 1970, in the midst of a moral revolution, “N ° 19 ”conquered women thanks to its fragrances which were controversial for the time. The unique combination of green notes and powdery iris has become a great classic of the house of Chanel. Through “N ° 19”, the journey becomes possible, a journey through majestic and timeless fragrances. Because it is Gabrielle Chanel’s latest perfume, “N ° 19” has a very special dimension. It will forever represent the freedom of women, freedom so dear to Mademoiselle.

Produced in 1970, the composition of “Chanel N ° 19” is both floral and powdery. The fragrance was daring for the time and the success was immediate. The unique combination of green notes and powdery iris has become a great fragrance from the house of Chanel. “N ° 19” is the last perfume produced during Gabrielle Chanel’s lifetime, and “19” being her birthday, “N ° 19” is a true tribute to the designer. Signed Henri Robert, the composition is floral and above all very luminous.

Henri Robert at the origin of the success of Chanel N ° 19

Henri Robert was born in Grasse in 1889. His father was already a perfumer and the young Henri evolved very young in the world of perfumery. In 1921, he joined the Chris establishments as a chemical perfumer. There he learns the composition of perfumes and the manufacture of raw materials. In 1953, he became the official perfumer of the Chanel house, succeeding the father of “N ° 5”, Ernest Beaux. His first Chanel creation was “Pour Monsieur” in 1955. He then created “N ° 19” then “Cristalle”. Henri Robert died in 1987.

The femininity of the iris at the heart of perfume N ° 19

“N ° 19” begins with a flight that is both green and ultra-luminous. Indeed, the top notes are composed of bergamot, neroli, galbanum and hyacinth. The essence of galbanum is obtained from the root of a plant native to Iran and Afghanistan. The galbanum gum is then distilled to obtain an essence. In perfumery, galbanum is widely used, it gives off ultra green, earthy and balsamic tones. THE galbanum pairs perfectly with green, chypre, floral and citrus notes. The heart is as powdery as it is floral, and combines rose, lily of the valley and iris. A noble ingredient par excellence, iris is also the most expensive in perfumery. The iris is a very elegant flower, but it is these rhizomes (underground stems) that are exploited for perfumery. Their extraction process is long and very expensive. Iris absolute is used in prestigious perfumery. Native to the Far East, iris absolute is now cultivated in Morocco, Italy and China. In perfumery, iris gives off tones similar to those of violet, but also very powdery, floral and green at the same time. Finally, the base is sensual and combines sandalwood, vetiver, white musks and oak moss. As for the bottle, it uses the main codes of that of “N ° 5”. Sober, the bottle features a square architecture, stripped of frills. The bottle of “N ° 19” is truly majestic.

Huge success of the house of Chanel, “N ° 19” is a tribute to Mademoiselle. Signed Henri Robert, the composition is very floral, but also green thanks to the galbanum, and powdery, thanks to the iris. Today, the “N ° 19” has not changed its formula and it is still as popular as ever.

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