Eau de parfum Acqua Di Scandola Parfum d’Empire

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Eau de parfum Acqua Di Scandola Parfum d’Empire is a 2018 Aromatic Aquatic Perfume by Empire perfume for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Marc-antoine Corticchiato . Top notes are Lemon, Mugwort, Aldehydes, Basil. Middle notes are Marine note, Geranium, Green note, Juniper, Seaweed. Base notes are Patchouli, Oak moss.

Eau de parfum Acqua Di Scandola Parfum d’Empire
Eau de parfum Acqua Di Scandola Parfum d’Empire


The love of the creator of Parfum d’Empire for Corsica

Parfum d’Empire has the gift of taking us into unknown territory, as if to reconnect with the original meaning of perfume, with a sacred and erotic part in it. Acqua di Scandola is the name of the 20th fragrance from Parfum d’Empire. Celebrating this anniversary as it should be, this juice echoes the childhood of creator Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, taking us with him to his native Corsica.

Corsica, a place dear to Marc-Antoine Corticchiato

As his name suggests, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato has Corsican origins. Although he was born in Morocco, he spent a large part of his childhood in the Corsican maquis, in a family house located in the heart of the village of Cuttoli Corticchiato. A true native of the country, he also enjoys returning very frequently to this Mediterranean island. It is therefore all his love for this place that reappears with this perfume. Acqua di Scandola is inspired by a peninsula accessible only by sea. Nature reserve protected by Unesco, the Scandola peninsula is a preserved place in the heart of which Marc-Antoine Corticchiato likes to fish with friends, finding himself between sea and land, in a very rocky setting. The Acqua di Scandola perfume aims to revive this wild universe. It is a concentrate of maritime, natural and aquatic glow. Much more than a simple perfume, it gives us a real postcard with solar and Mediterranean accents.

The very Mediterranean breath of Acqua di Scandola

Acqua di Scandola by Parfum d’Empire dares to assemble ingredients rarely used in traditional perfumery. Its breath is at the same time iodized, aromatic and mineral. Acqua di Scandola starts off with a salty and maritime accord resulting from a unique seaweed extract, associated with notes of juniper. Immortelle, the emblematic flower of Corsica, is sublimated here with liquorice, curry and hay. An iodine scent unfolds in this composition a more herbaceous nervousness, quickly extending into a more foamy and vegetal facet. The perfumer also wanted to evoke the mineral aspect of this part of Corsica, revealing itself in particular in the base notes of the Acqua di Scandola perfume, while associating with a more animal breath. Finally, jasmine and coconut in turn contribute to giving a more solar aspect to the whole of this fragrance. As always with Parfum d’Empire, Acqua di Scandola comes in a small cylindrical 50 ml bottle. For the occasion, it is embellished with a bluish label. Sober and elegant, Acqua di Scandola intends to bring a little sunshine in your winter!

Released in 2018, the Eau de Parfum Acqua Di Scandola is a tribute to Corsica. For his 20th creation, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato wanted to honor a land that is dear to him, namely Corsica, the land of his origins. Through Acqua Di Scandola, Marc-Antoine’s entire childhood goes back, a childhood associated with magnificent memories. Indeed, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato was born in Morocco but he spent many summers in the heart of the Corsican maquis. He still owns a family house in the typical village of Cuttoli Corticchiato, and never ceases to draw inspiration from his precious Mediterranean land.

Marc-Antoine Corticchiato in the heart of the Corsican maquis

Marc-Antoine Corticchiato spent a doctorate on the development of a new technique for analyzing extracts of perfume plants by Carbon-13 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. He then completed his training with a perfume diploma at the prestigious International School of Perfumery of Versailles (ISIPCA). The Parfum d´Empire house was founded in 2002 and allows him to fully express his style, and to push to excess the power of these natural raw materials that he knows in depth. All its fragrances tell a particular story and the raw materials are chosen with great precision. We owe Marc-Antoine Corticchiato some great perfumes such as Ambre Russe, Corsica Furiosa or even Osmanthus Forbidden.

Nature at the heart of Acqua Di Scandola l’Eau de Parfum

La composition unfolds around iodized, mineral and aromatic flavors and takes off the freshness of lemon and aldehydes associated with raspberry leaves and basil. An aldehyde is a chemical compound that is part of the family of carbonyl compounds. When a hydrogen atom is bonded to an atom in the carbonyl group, the molecule becomes an aldehyde. Although aldehydes are synthetic molecules, they nevertheless exist naturally in the zest of citrus fruits. Aldehydes are recognizable in perfumery by their metallic, greasy and hot odors. They also give off a soapy side, more or less orange. We say aldehydes, that their odors resemble that of candle wax or that of a hot iron. It was Chanel who was the first to integrate aldehydes into the heart of a perfume, namely the prestigious No.5. The heart of the composition combines marine notes, green notes, juniper, immortelle and jasmolactone, a molecule extracted from jasmine using a very expensive process. The Corsican immortelle is a perennial plant of the “compound” family. Its flowers look like small colored suns and are found around the Mediterranean and in Corsica, from the seaside to the inland. In perfumery, we use immortelle absolute, which is obtained by extraction with volatile solvents. We find the immortal note at the heart of a fragrance such as Cologne 68 by Guerlain, Iris Harmonique by Givenchy or Tabac Tabou also produced by Marc-Antoine Corticchiato. Finally, the Acqua Di Scandola base combines oak moss and patchouli to leave an unforgettable trail.

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