Boss Pure Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette

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Boss Pure Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette is a 2008 Citrus Aldehyde New Freshness Cologne by Hugo boss for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Laurent Le Guernec . Top notes are Fig, Lemon, Mandarin, Grapefruit. Middle notes are Hyacinth, Lily of the valley. Base notes are Amber woods.

Boss Pure Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette
Boss Pure Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette


Hugo Boss is inspired by water as a source of energy

There are many scents that are based on one of the four elements of our planet, namely water, fire, earth and air. Nevertheless, it is clear that men particularly appreciate the aquatic terrain. In addition, water is the element that covers the most surface on our planet. It is also essential to our survival. It is therefore from the latter that the house of Hugo Boss was inspired to create its Boss Pure fragrance.

Hugo Boss is inspired by water as a source of energy

Water is by far one of the purest ingredients available to us. Moreover, it is undoubtedly from there that comes the fascination of the man towards it. Water alone brings together many facets. It can be tender and limpid at the same time, powerful and virile, sweet or salty. Hugo Boss thus seems to have appropriated it to make it a perfume synonymous with energy and success. Boss Pure is a subtle and authentic juice. It draws its strength from nature as if to better deliver it to the man who carries this essence. Boss Pure evokes a fiery torrent as much as it does stagnant water or a giant waterfall. It encourages people to recharge their batteries in the heart of nature and to draw from it a striking freshness. Thus, the man who wears Boss Pure appears more confident. He brings life to life with more serenity, confidence and control. Thus, it can only better achieve its objectives and therefore sees the future in a brighter light.

The intense and vegetal freshness of Boss Pure

Boss Pure is a fragrance that we owe to perfume Laurent Le Guernec. This is based on a very invigorating aquatic accord. It begins with a fresh and crystalline combination of white fig and lemon. The result is thus immediately toned. Then, Boss Pure hides a huge floral bouquet in its heart. This one is based on the elegance of the hyacinth and the delicacy of the lily of the valley. Boss Pure thus contains a very vegetal and almost androgynous part. However, this high is only short-lived and Boss Pure is soon once again gained by a more woody, sensual and powerful base. This contains moist oak moss combined with massoya wood. The rendering becomes particularly seductive and totally addictive. This perfume is then contained in a bottle which is also very refined. This one has sharp edges and cubic lines. The whole thing displays a very urban and stylized style that is fully transparent. Its polished glass then lets us glimpse an azure blue juice similar to clear water. In addition, Boss Pure instantly unveils a sensation of extreme freshness similar to that of a frosted waterfall.

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