Body Kouros Yves Saint Laurent Eau de Toilette

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Body Kouros Yves Saint Laurent Eau de Toilette is a 2000 Oriental Gourmand New Freshness Cologne by Yves Saint Laurent for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Annick Menardo . Top notes are Dihydromyrcenol, Eucalyptus, Mace. Middle notes are Incense, Cedar. Base notes are Benzoin, White musks.

Body Kouros Yves Saint Laurent Eau de Toilette
Body Kouros Yves Saint Laurent Eau de Toilette


Body Kouros, ultra modern power

If his style is liberating, provocative, the young couturier is noticed. He calls out, he also shocks, especially when he poses naked for his perfume “Pour Homme”. By revisiting women’s fashion, Yves Saint Laurent has played a significant role in the liberation of women. “Rive Gauche”, his first perfume (with Pour Homme) is indeed moving in this direction. In 2000, the brand unveiled “Kouros Body”, a reinterpretation of eternal masculinity.

Contemporary gods honored by YSL

The story of Kouros begins in 1981 with the release of an ultra masculine essence , one that recalls the strength of the Greek gods. You should know that “Kouros” was the name of the sculptures which represented a naked man, with an absolutely perfect body and assumed virility. “Kouros” is a fragrance that symbolizes strength and power, and becomes the interpretation of a living myth. “Body Kouros” then appears as a more modern reinterpretation than its predecessor, but which nevertheless displays a body as sculptural as him! With its thoughtful spirit, “Body Kouros” is a perfect harmony between body and mind. “Body Kouros” is the two facets of Yves Saint Laurent’s personality, mental and physical, which are united here. These two facets will thus be represented in the composition, via a hot-cold contrast. “Body Kouros” is a real olfactory introspection,

The complex notes of Body Kouros

It is the talented perfumer Annick Ménardo who is at the origin of this composition, which is as novel as it is complex. The opening of “Body Kouros” is lively and ultra sparkling thanks to the presence of eucalyptus, star anise and star anise, enhanced by the spicy notes of nutmeg. The body of “Body Kouros” appears to be contrasted, because it combines carnation, lavender and cinnamon. The background is sensual, warm and enveloping. It is composed of incense, benzoin, tonka bean and sandalwood. As for the bottle, it uses the main codes of its predecessor. Previously tinted in white, the bottle of “Body Kouros” is intended, for the occasion, to be opaque black. The contrasts present in the composition are found in the design of the bottle. We notice in particular the rounding of its angles with its square shape,

“Body Kouros” is a revisit of the very famous “Kouros” fragrance. The latter symbolizes the olfactory embodiment of the strength and power of a Greek god. “Body Kouros” is a perfume of contrast which represents the different facets of the creator, but also of each man… A surprising reinterpretation!

“Body Kouros” was born in 2000 and follows the enormous success of “Kouros” released in 1981. So masculine and virile, the fragrance “Kouros” represents the strength of the Greek Gods. As powerful and masculine as its predecessor, “Body Kouros” is nevertheless more contemporary. The YSL man is attractive, modern, but also very elegant. Symbol of the man of the 21st century, “Body Kouros” displays here, a perfect balance between the development of the body and that of the spirit. A composition signed Annick Ménardo.

Body Kouros, the best of man by perfumer Annick Ménardo

In order to achieve the fragrance of the strong man and modern, the Yves Saint Laurent house called on the talented Annick Ménardo. After studying chemistry, Annick Ménardo joined ISIPCA, the prestigious school of perfumery in Versailles. Once graduated, Annick Ménardo was hired by Firmenich, a company where she still works. A pioneer, Annick Ménardo’s style is resolutely young and modern, even if it is strongly inspired by that of his mentor Michel Almairac. We owe to Annick Ménardo magnificent fragrances such as “Le Premier Parfum” by Lolita Lempicka, “Xeyrus Rouge” by Givenchy or even “Kokorico” by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Body Kouros YSL, notes of a modern virility

The start of “Body Kouros” is lively and contrasted, because it combines the intense freshness of eucalyptus and the spicy notes of mace. Essentially native to Australia, eucalyptus can resist up to -20 °! Its long leaves, elliptical in shape, sometimes display a beautiful bluish green, sometimes an ultra refined silvery gray. Also known as “Blue Gum”, eucalyptus is widely used in herbal medicine for its medicinal properties. Indeed, eucalyptus is known to clear the respiratory tract. In perfumery, the essence of eucalyptus by steam distilling the leaves and twigs. Eucalyptus gives off very fresh, minty and aromatic tones.

Then, the heart of “Body Kouros” is bewitching since it combines incense and cedar. Also known as “Oligan”, frankincense is a gum resin produced from a group of trees called “Boswellia” that grows on the warm soils of Ethiopia and Somalia. In ancient times, and then according to some traditions, incense was used in mourning ceremonies so that the soul of the deceased could be uplifted. Today, incense has kept its mystical side and is burned to purify rooms, but also during meditation and clairvoyance practices. In perfumery, incense offers strong, powerful, camphoric, spicy and waxy scents. Finally, the base of “Body Kouros” offers all the virility of the modern man and combines benzoin and white musks. The bottle incorporates the main codes of its elder. For the occasion, it is tinted here in opaque black and contrasts the rounded corners of its square shape.

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