Angel Star of Dreams Thierry Mugler

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Angel Star of Dreams Thierry Mugler is a Oriental Eastern by Thierry Mugler for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Bergamot. Middle notes are Praline, Vanilla. Base notes are Patchouli, White musks.

Angel Star of Dreams Thierry Mugler
Angel Star of Dreams Thierry Mugler


Thierry Mugler’s new enchantment

In this sense, he wanted to complement the flavor of his iconic Angel perfume. It was created in 1992 and is today considered to be the first gourmet fragrance in the history of modern perfumery . Also, if it is one of the bestsellers in perfumery and that it accompanies women day after day, know that it is now available in a night version. Thus, the Angel Etoile des Rêves fragrance promises to make you the most sparkling of the stars of the night …

Thierry Mugler’s new enchantment

Thierry Mugler has always made the star his emblem. Indeed, already when he was a child, he liked to lose himself in his dreams. Having always had his head in the clouds more than his feet on the ground, Thierry Mugler has a real fascination with the stars in general. Thus, today it is a tribute to the world of the night that the creator wanted to integrate into a new perfume. Angel Star of Dreams delivers a unique ritual to us, promising to enchant your nights and ward off your nightmares forever. It is a perfume conceived like a dream and plunging us into the intimacy of a woman. This juice is sprayed just as much on clean skin as it does on the sheets. It diffuses gently throughout the night and goes wonderfully with your most beautiful lingerie sets. Its tender and delicious flavor thus accompanies the movement of your body on your freshly washed sheets, revealing itself like a real caress on the skin. The whole thing contains of course the initial flavors of Angel. Thus, Angel Star of Dreams opens with the freshness of bergamot, quickly followed by the greediness of praline. Finally, it ends with a base mixing musk, patchouli and vanilla. Nevertheless, for an infinitely more pronounced feeling of cleanliness, Thierry Mugler has greatly increased his concentration of white musk. What is more, note that this perfume is accompanied by a scented candle. Thus, the ritual of Thierry Mugler only lasts longer and the candle of Angel Etoile des Rêves thus diffuses its carnal aura in an atmosphere that is all the more intimate.

Angel Star of Dreams takes us back in time

At the same time, note that this perfume is also full of traditions. In addition, this one is inspired by boudoirs of yesteryear. A boudoir is a small room fitted out in the accommodation between the dining room and the bedroom. Originally, its name boudoir comes from the verb “sulk” because it was a room used to stand aside. In reality, it was rather an exquisite place in which the women gave free rein to their intimacy and their fantasies. However, it is precisely all this sensuality that we find in the perfume Angel Dream Star. Finally, note that this is accompanied by a bottle all in curves. This one is designed in an absolutely captivating midnight blue and is decorated by many stars carved in relief. The latter is also embellished with a spray pear. Thus, it invites to perfume with elegance and recalls the grace of the gesture of the femme fatales of yesteryear when the latter were being put on beauty.

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