Air Di Gioia Armani Eau de Parfum

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Air Di Gioia Armani Eau de Parfum is a 2016 Floral Woody Fruity Perfume by Armani for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Dominique Ropion . Top notes are Mandarin, Pink berries. Middle notes are Peach, Plum, Marine note, Peony. Base notes are Patchouli, White musks, Sandalwood.

Air Di Gioia Armani Eau de Parfum
Air Di Gioia Armani Eau de Parfum


Air Di Gioia, an ode to happiness

Air Di Gioia, an ode to happiness

In 2010, Armani launched Acqua Di Gioia to give thanks for the benefits of profound nature. In this case, the word Gioia means “joy” in Italian. Thus, this perfume highlights a feeling of fullness, authenticity, and serenity. It’s a bit like nature helping us to recharge our batteries and refocus on ourselves. Armani thus captured the euphoric energy of the air to put it in a bottle. Air Di Gioia then appears as an almost vital breath loaded with multiple benefits. It is a concentrate of light, pleasure, and sensuality. The latter is contained in a simple and feminine bottle, common to the Armani trilogy. In addition, the latter brings together Acqua Di Gioia, Air Di Gioia and Sun Di Gioia. These three containers embody the creative principles of life and are designed in the image of beauty without artifice. Armani has created here a sober and smooth design, without any frills and whose beauty is sufficient in itself. Femininity appears transparent and pure, luxurious but authentic. Air Di Gioia comes in a light blue hue. Only its cap is slightly more supported. The set displays voluptuous curves as if to suggest that it is a concentrate of grace and femininity.

The floral and woody scent created by Armani

To develop this perfume, the house of Armani called on the talented perfumer Dominique Ropion. This one thought of his juice as a real burst of freedom. Air Di Gioia thus shows an exceptionally energizing flight. This fragrance lets you burst notes of mandarin associated with neroli. This is the name given to the essential oil obtained from the distillation of orange blossom. Thus, Air Di Gioia is floral, rich, citrusy, and sophisticated. In that sense, it almost makes you think of cologne.

Nevertheless, its hair-raising temperament does not take long to show itself through the spicy presence of pink pepper. This euphoric accord then evolves towards a more floral heart. Orange blossom takes over from neroli. Its radiant luminosity is matched with the exoticism of ylang-ylang. The presence of peony highlights the femininity of together. Finally, Air Di Gioia ends with an aerial trail made from patchouli. This one is nevertheless worked in an obvious way, associated with foam as well as white musks. As its name suggests, Air Di Gioia is one of the most ethereal scents.

After releasing the feminine alter ego of Acqua di Gio in 2010 under the name Acqua di Gioia, the Armani house chose to compose a scented range that would exude the same natural and iodized scents as their elder. Always composed by Dominique Ropion, Aria di Gioia (Air di Gioia) and Sun di Gioia will offer us new trips to the favorite Mediterranean coasts of master Giorgio Armani.

Air di Gioia or the perfumed song of the wind, signed Dominique Ropion for Armani.

Acqua di Gio, a revolutionary perfume composed by Alberto Morillas in 1996. A refined fragrance that disrupts all possible fields of perfumery masculine. So much so that it will quickly become one of the house’s bestsellers and will follow on from a feminine Acqua di Gio bottle for women, unfortunately, more fleeting success.

However, the Armani house did not give up not the challenge of creating in Acqua di Gio a feminine alter-ego that will stand up to it. The composition of Dominique Ropion, Acqua di Gioia, will take up the challenge brilliantly with its lemony and woody accords. Then Dominique Ropion will offer Armani two new compositions to the one who will become a veritable trilogy of joy and natural elements with Air di Gioia (Aria di Gioia) and Sun di Gioia.

Air di Gioia wants to materialize a sea breeze at once euphoric, luminous, and spicy in scents. The ingredients chosen will give pride of place to natural essences and Dominique Ropion’s favorite raw materials to create perfumes that pay homage to the vegetal and olfactory beauties of nature.

“& nbsp; Acqua di Gioia, Sun di Gioia, and Air di Gioia create the trilogy of Giorgio Armani fragrances which takes root in its reconnection with nature & nbsp; ” Giorgio Armani.

Air di Gioia and the praise of orange blossom, jasmine, and sandalwood so dear to perfumer Dominique Ropion

Whether for Acqua di Gio or Acqua di Gioia, for Sun di Gioia or Air di Gioia, all the perfumers at the head of their beautiful compositions, as we have seen, wanted to capture the most beautiful natural essences from the seaside.

In Air di Gioia, natural ingredients are in the majority and, what is more, are particularly significant of Dominique Ropion’s style of composition. Indeed, in addition to the spicy citrus of pink berries of the departure of Air from Gioia, we find in the heart of the delicate flowers of the gardens but also beautiful exotic and solar floral notes in the form of notes of ylang-ylang and orange blossom. . An orange blossom that Dominique Ropion adores for “its great richness which declines its facets from the purest innocence to the most poisonous charms. A performance! ”.

Regarding the oriental depths of this majestic wind of Air di Gioia which becomes in sensual and woody notes a torrid wind, we also find here the perfumer’s signature. Indeed between notes of patchouli and white musks, sandalwood appears to magnify these woody notes since it is, according to Dominique Ropion, “& nbsp; one of the most voluptuous products of perfumery apart from animal notes. & Nbsp;” < / p>

Although very marked by its author, Air di Gioia is no less a beautiful iodized oriental or a floral chypre that has delicately and boldly feminized the marine and powerful accords of Acqua di Gio and Acqua di Gioia, its magnificent elders.

The Acqua Di Gioia fragrance collection aims to celebrate women and nature. She takes us on an exhilarating escape in which the senses are awakened. If the very first opus of this assortment of essences instead celebrated water, it seems that the house of Armani has decided to put air in the spotlight this time. This spring 2016, Air Di Gioia presents itself as a lighter and more airy juice than ever. This could then become your ideal summer companion.

The Acqua Di Gioia collection from Armani

Acqua Di Gioia is a perfume that saw the light of day in 2010. It is described as being an essence of joy extracted from the very heart of nature. This one is inspired in particular by the distant islands where Giorgio Armani liked to relax. It depicts a landscape made up of lush nature and fertility. It reveals its power through female identity. Thanks to this perfume, the woman was more serene than ever. She thus approached her daily life with ease and saw herself in perfect harmony with her environment. This collection of perfumes by Armani sublimates the exaltation of the senses. With it, nature turns into a kind of second skin. It is, therefore, in this continuity that Air Di Gioia makes its appearance. If water and woman were one in the past, the latter is now more accessible than ever and, above all, more aerial.

The new Air Di Gioia

Air Di Gioia is the scent of an unpredictable woman. It symbolizes the breeze and is played in the cool. In this sense, it is ideal to accompany the hot summer days. Its smell begins with a marine sensation from the smell of salt. This unusual ingredient is then followed by a very floral heart. Air Di Gioia is incredibly full of peony, a tender plant that almost evokes the vegetal scent of rose freshly weighed down with morning dew. Then, the whole evolves towards a more woody background. Air Di Gioia consists in particular of cypress, a tree with a typically Mediterranean scent. This releases a tonic, aromatic and camphoric scent. It even wants to be slightly hesperidin and therefore radiates a deep liveliness. Finally, it all ends with the smell of patchouli. The latter only increases the intensity and depth of the whole. This chypre and floral fragrance are contained in a bottle faithful to the aesthetics of its predecessor. It adopts the same curved lines. In this sense, it is particularly feminine. Its graphics are like a drop of water evaporating in the air. If it was once tinted an emerald green, it is now light blue. In addition, this case is adorned with a droplet blown into the glass and sealing this bottle with great elegance. Only his name is now written in more delicate characters, which only increases the elegance of the whole. Like its predecessor, Air Di Gioia is a pleasant fragrance to wear, giving off a feeling of cleanliness and freshness ideal in hot weather.

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