Only The Brave Extreme, the intensity of Diesel’s new juice

Only The Brave Extreme, the intensity of Diesel’s new juice
Only The Brave Extreme, the intensity of Diesel's new juice
Only The Brave Extreme, the intensity of Diesel‘s new juice

Today, Diesel has become a true benchmark in terms of fashion and perfumery. Over time, this brand has imposed its way of seeing life, at the same time sexy, provocative and sassy. Nevertheless, all the creations of this great house are nonetheless elegant and very refined. Also, the 2009 Only The Brave perfume fully corresponded to this somewhat irreverent image. Men immediately liked it and men will then be delighted to learn that its scent will be revisited once again within a few weeks. Indeed, the new Only The Brave Extreme will soon make its inexpensive appearance on our site and is advertised as a particularly intense and manly juice.

The smell of Only The Brave Extreme perfume

Only The Brave Extreme is a fragrance that is fully anchored in the continuity of its elders. Indeed, the first opus of this collection symbolized an image of strength, self-confidence and bravery. He embodied freedom and determination. Also, Only The Brave Extreme sticks to exactly the same image and even goes so far as to intensify it. The perfumer behind this creation is none other than Aliénor Massenet, a nose who has already worked on the development of the first juice in the range. He then designed a particularly modern and subtle fragrance. The latter starts with invigorating notes of lemon and tangerine. These two citrus fruits are particularly invigorating, especially since they are coupled with the zesty and peppery aspect of coriander. However, the sparkle of Only The Brave Extreme is contrasted by a touch of delicate pink. This ingredient brings a touch of tenderness and subtlety to the whole. Finally, it all ends with an intense virility. The latter emanates from very assertive leathery scents. The rendering is perfectly structured and is the work of unparalleled know-how. Everything is then contained in an emblematic bottle. This takes the form of a closed fist. Only The Brave Extreme’s case looks likestrongly to his elders . For the occasion, he simply swapped his steel blue color for more intensity. It is now a deeper, elegant and captivating midnight blue.

Liam Hemsworth as Diesel’s new muse

As of yet, the new commercial for Only The Brave Extreme has not been released. Nevertheless, we already know that Liam Hemsworth will be the face of it. Indeed, this actor had been presented as such by the Diesel brand during the summer of 2015. This actor had made himself known by making an appearance in the film Thor. Nevertheless, he did put his career on display thanks to his role in the Hunger Games series. In addition, his love affair with the sulphurous and provocative Miley Cirus was also talked about. Currently, he is considered to be one of Hollywood’s rising stars and will even be part of the very select cast for the upcoming Independence Day. He then said he was delighted to play this new role for the house Diesel, a brand that he particularly likes for his convictions.

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